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Guide about level 5 land

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Ooidal replied at 2016-12-26 04:49
Yeah but, if the enemy's total army is 10K (3333 each let's say), wouldn't you get 4k>3.3k.  What I' ...

If I am not mistaken, and to my knowledge from reading about the "attack range" is:
(rear)1-(center)2-(front)3     -    1(front)-2(center)-3(rear)      <Formation>
Attack range from 1:1 is 3.
Attack range from 1:3 is 5.
Attack range from 2:1 is 2.
Attack range from 2:3 is 4.
Attack range from 3:1 is 1.
Attack range from 3:3 is 3.

It is recommended to have a rear range of >=3, center >=2, front >=1.
Ex: When the attack range of the rear is 3, the target is the enemy front. When the attack range of the rear is 4, the target is the enemy center or front and the probability is decided randomly. When the attack range of the rear is 5, the target could be any part of the enemy team.

Attack range and skill range are two separate settings, and don't affect each other.

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