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[event] PETITION: MERGE Servers 1-6 on May 4th not 1-4

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Post time 2017-4-13 07:42:14 | Show all posts
Edited by Titan at 2017-4-22 17:54

This depends on season 2's map size.

Regardless of which servers merge, it is clear that any servers which have already taken Delphi (e.g. Server 6) will quickly need additional content to keep the players entertained if they are not soon entering season 2.

My view is that a more popular server will be more enjoyable. The fight for land and resources was a fairly weak fight in season 1, due to so much land available. By the time city districts became scarce, all of the top server players fit into the #1 alliance anyway... which did not create much PvP content.

It would be great to have a server with 800+ active (competent) players that could not fit into one super-alliance, thus creating combat between 2-4 similarly matched alliances.

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