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[bugs] game crashing!!!!!

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Post time 2019-8-22 16:03:37 | Show all posts

game crashing

First of all Id like to point out my modded game has no problems running in Albion - Ive got almost 50 hours logged in Albion with my current mods as I had to start fresh.

I can pop in and out of DeVries, and spend time near the jump gate with seemingly no problems but once I go beyond the jumpgate to another zone I get random crashes.

The crashing occurs no matter what Im doing - highways, shooting, or just sitting there doing nothing.

Ive turned the game settings to low / off, which made no difference.

My game status is Ive got the construction ship, but its been parked in Albion and not used yet.

Im using Realtek audio, but drivers are up to date.

GPU is GTX 770 - but again, in Albion, no problems using ultra settings and x2 vanilla draw distance mod.

12g corsair vengeance memory
Intel i7 4790 CPU.
Samsung 840 EVO - 500gb SSD
Windows 7

Game launched as Admin.

Are there crash files I can post, and is there an easy way to pull off my mod list - Im using NMM.

Edit - Im using Voice Attack too, but Albion system plays for hours just fine.
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