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[bugs] game crashing!!!!!

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game crashing

You pretty much state that it was adding new mod files that started all this. Removing those files will not help if you carry on from a save made at any time with those files installed.  Does the game crash without those new files from a fresh start or from a save made before you added in those files? If not, then there is your answer.

If it does crash from a fresh start or save made before those files were installed, then you probably need to do a complete game wipe and clean full reinstall and then add back your mods one by one checking in a fresh start if it crashes after each one. When you get as far as you can with that without crashing, then try your last save made before you installed the suspect files. If it works then great but dont use those last mod files again as they may be clashing with and overwriting something else that you do actually need to keep playing.

BTW, this would have been better placed in the S&M forum.

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