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[chat] Do you think there should be more rewards for PvP?

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There is no PVP aspect to this game at all.  So far, it seems like you join an alliance, get absorbed to larger alliance, and repeat until there is one alliance to take out Delphi.  Honor Points are not accumulative like Contributions so it's not like people remember that you'll help them take someone out that's bothering them. Well, they can't be redeemed so I don't know why they should be counted. At the rate servers are released, if you do get attacked you can give up and join another server if you don't want to join their alliance.

People enjoy games for fun and rewards. I can either move my troops around to be fatigued from attacking someone and small amount of resources from PVP (player versus player) or fighting alongside your alliance to get hourly resources from PVE (player verses environment).... hmm decisions decisions.... I am not saying it's a bad game or I do not enjoy it, it's just that it's a very PVE centered around owning all the cities for resources.

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