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[chat] Do you think there should be more rewards for PvP?

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While I voted negative in the current state explained above it is due to the way the seasons are "supposedly" setup.  Season 1 is all about people learning the game, gaining gairo, learning skills for season 2.  If you add this PvP element into season 1 you will get so much abuse for rewards and allow the spenders to obliterate the non-spenders.  

Season 2 goes a step further to build upon season 1 by making leveling gairo harder, tiles are harder etc. so now people have to put thought into their gairo team builds and skill builds.  This season is all about honing your teams and will have much more PvP than season 1.

Season 3 (conqueror seasons if translated correctly from chinese forums) will focus more on the PvP aspect and I'm assuming awards for different PvP events.

The problem is how short sighted people see this game when in fact this game is a much longer game than most people realize.  There are many other features that have not even been released to the servers because of how new each server is.  As there are resets to new seasons new features will be added.

So while yes I love PvP.  I play these games purely for competitive reasons.  I realize throwing all this in season 1 will just create a pay to win atmosphere and many people will abuse with alts the system you put into place.  

For someone to abuse season 2 or season 3 PvP and honor rewards etc they would have had to make and maintain alts on each of the previous seasons and get merged in.  This is more difficult and time consuming for anyone to want to do when you can just focus on your main account.

Obviously just my 2 cents and I may even be describing how the future seasons will go but I feel my 2 cents is on the right track. ;-)

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