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[chat] Do you think there should be more rewards for PvP?

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The Landlord
Post time 2017-3-22 05:16:05 | Show the author posts only Reply Awards |Descending |Read mode

Comment Time: 2017-4-25 05:20

Referee opinion: Agree with points about honor system not offering any rewards... thus causing many players to avoid PvP as it offers little incentive for (individual) players.

Best Debater: Thoroughly

Edited by Titan at 2017-3-22 05:19

There is divided opinion about PvP in Immortal Conquest. Are players receiving enough rewards for battling enemies? Are alliance battles worth it? Or do they just make the other alliances that are not involved stronger. Should players who do most of the work defending an alliance pass with all their top armies receive bonus rewards? (e.g. top 10 highest 'honor' players each week get a reward).

End Time: 2017-4-25 05:20 Umpire point of view: Titan

Square point of view (6)

Yes, especially for alliance battles. Honor has no benefit and is reset weekly. Why should I help defend an area and lose many armies when I do not receive a reward.

Negative votes (3)

No, battling for territory is enough of a reward. We can also occupy other players and gain access to tiles. This is enough reward.

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    The Sofa
    Post time 2017-4-7 14:15:49 | Show the author posts only
    nickeyblaze replied at 2017-3-22 10:11
    While I voted negative in the current state explained above it is due to the way the seasons are "su ...

    This is understandable, and for power players and strategists like you and I, we see this immediately. Most people getting into the game are looking to engage in some immediate action though. Like what Jayveon alluded to below, there seems to be no real incentive to attack your neighbor over allying with him/her. That could be solved with high value rewards like increased RSS returns for occupying a neighbor, coins, or both.
    Honor also seems to be nearly meaningless, even though it has extremely high potential. Imagine if you could exchange honor for additional chances at Gairo cards. This would motivate people engage in combat and really extend playability so servers don't experience sudden death once it becomes apparent one alliance has become the strongest. Doing this would give smaller alliances and players a reason to continue working on their individual progression.

    This is a MMO strategy war game after all, so it seems counterintuitive from the developer-perspective to introduce the game this way, but delay meaningful PvP by 2-4 months. Being an IT professional and business owner myself, that just seems like easy revenue lost by poor UX. Some of the most fun I had in the game was the huge fight for Asgard and issuing the challenge to Exodus members to oust me from Dido.

    Just my two pence.
    Irish Ghosts.

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