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[gairo analysis] Guide: In-depth Gairo Breakdown – [Arthur]

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The Landlord
Disclaimer: This guide is my opinion only and has been formed by my in-game experiences using this Gairo that has been shaped by the skills available to me and my supporting Gairo used with Arthur. Your usage may vary for better or worse depending on your own Gairo and skill arsenal.

Most legendary king of the ancient British empire. Leader of the Knights of the Round Table. His chivalry, kindness, integrity, love, and loyalty earned him the admiration from the people.

Skill Name:Avalon
Gives the army a 50.0% change of recovering a certain amount of soldiers when you are attacked during this battle (recovery rate 68.0%, affected by spirit).

Arthur's main skill gives his army incredible survivability. Enemy Gairo armies that are heavy on multiple attacks can quickly find themselves giving Arthur's army free heals. Complimentary skills that decrease the amount of damage done (and don't block enemy attacks completely) are the best skills to pair with Avalon.


Attack: +1.54
Spirit: +1.28
Defense: +1.83
Speed: +0.92
Siege: +1.73

For a 3.5 cost Gairo, Arthur's skill growth seems very underwhelming. Arthur's main skill is dependant on spirit, however his spirit growth is one of his lowest attribute growths.
You may now be wondering if Arthur is really all that great. He is definately a Gairo that needs to be experimented with to see him shine.
Since Arthur's stats are a bit of a mix of tank/attacker/spirit healer, he fits in that exact role quite well. Let him tank, let him attack and put all his bonus points in spirit to boost his skill (and spell defence).

Additional Skills:
Arthur's skill path can take a variety of directions. Personally I've had the best success with him on the front line as a tank.
I have seen four standout skills that work great with Arthur depending on the rest of the army accompanying him.

Recommended Skills:

Return Fire:

Any decent Gairo in the front row with a range of 3 (so counter attack can reach all 3 enemy Gairo) can benefit from this skill. It is a consistent damage output against almost all enemy teams. It is not advised to use this if any Gairo in your team have skills that completely block enemy attacks.


Meditate is a powerful tank skill that pulls damage off of allied Gairo and redirects it towards the tank. Can be used with return fire well.


When paired with Merlin, you may want to make the most of Merlin's incantation power damage bonus. If so, Gust is a powerful front row (only) spirit skill. Since front row spirit Gairo are not all that common, Arthur can quickly look like a prime candidate for this damage skill.

Defensive Stance:
Defensive stance is a perfect skill for Arthur, as it does not completely block enemy attacks (allowing Avalon heal to still work), but heavily limits the amount of damage done.

Combination Bonus:

Arthur has many options for army placement and pairing. Most Celtic legendary Gairo are infantry, which means Arthur gets a bonanza of bonuses when paired with Celtic Gairo such as Merlin, Lancelot, Balor, Galahad, Fionn (all infantry).

The real bonus comes with the combination group "Lords of the World" with Amon, Odin and Arthur... However this is quite a hard group to procure together. Most players will find it far easier (and possibly more successful) to find two other legendary Celtic infantry to pair with Arthur.

Dismantable Skill:Crackdown
In the first 3 turns after the battle begins, increases the damage the enemy team receives from attacks and spirit attacks by 15.0% (affected by spirit).                                                   

Crackdown is a great blanket command skill that increases the damage of all attacks in the first 3 turns. Be careful of just choosing a high damage army for this skill (such as an army that has many 1 turn prepare spells). There is only 3 turns to get the benefit of this skill, and many skills with a 1 turn preparation will not have a good enough chance of finishing the spell within the 3 turns.
If this skill is desperately needed, Fionn would be the best one to dismantle, if a duplicate Gairo is not obtained.


Arthur's heal will will affect the whole army, not just himself. He gives incredible survivability to certain groups. He pairs well with Merlin who also reduces incoming damage but does not completely block the attack (since Avalon needs the enemy attack to hit for a chance of healing to take place).

Arthur's damage will vary greatly depending on his army position and his role (damage or tank).
The below report is a level 7 defender city district (45k troops). Arthur has return fire and gust skill (all level 10).

Nickname: Titan
Server: (Commenced: season 1, server 6)
Current Season: 3
Alliance: The Iron Throne

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