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[gairo analysis] Guide: In-depth Gairo Breakdown – [Macha]

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The Landlord
Edited by Titan at 2017-3-19 04:43

Disclaimer: This guide is my opinion only and has been formed by my in-game experiences using this Gairo that has been shaped by the skills available to me and my supporting Gairo used with Macha. Your usage may vary for better or worse depending on your own Gairo and skill arsenal.

One of Ireland's goddesses of war. Her name is a symbol of "battle" and "anger." Different from other war gods, Macha uses magic instead of weapons to fight.

Skill Name:Fervor of Battle
                                                Allows self troop to make two normal attacks in each round and increases attack attributes by 15

Macha has a delightfully powerful main skill which gives her two normal attacks every round… Guaranteed… (Unless of course an enemy chaos/stun spell hits her).
This means that she is the Queen of (attack) chase skills. The extra attack bonus per level of this skill is only minimal, so it is not essential to skill-up 'Fervor of Battle' to gain the full potential of Macha, but it will be needed when you are ready to unlock her third skill.


Attack: +1.80
Spirit: +0.57
Defense: +1.26
Speed: +1.54
Siege: +0.24

So you might be thinking "Macha's attribute growth is quite poor for such a highly talked about Gairo" and you would be right to think so. Since she can quite happily sit in the rear and dish out loads of punishment to the front row unit, her spirit and defence are not too crucial.
Her attack is what powers this Gairo and she needs all that she can get.

Additional Skills:
Macha's skill selection is easy. Any high powered chase skill works perfectly on her, as she obtains the ability to use the chase twice each turn (with her two normal attacks).
In a single turn, with 2 chase skills, it is possible for her to attack twice and hit with 4 chase attacks. The potential damage of this Gairo is staggering. At 2.5 cost, she punches well above her weight.

As there are many chase skills that suit her very well, you may find others that do just as good a job as my recommendation below (or better),

Recommended Skills:


A powerful damage chase skill which also blocks enemy Gairo skill casts. With Macha's main skill, she can potentially use this twice per turn (although the stun will still only last 1 turn).


Another powerful damage chase skill which also blocks enemy Gairo normal attacks. With Macha's main skill, she can potentially use this twice per turn (although the stun will still only last 1 turn).
In combination with ‘Blockade’ this skill allows Macha to dish out damage and shutdown both the enemy’s attacks and skills
on a particular target.


Trail is an easy high-level chase skill to obtain early in the game. This is a great skill for Macha until both Blockade and Shy have been unlocked.
'Track' is a lesser skill that can also be used if neither Shy or Blockade are available.

Combination Bonus:

Macha has a bonus army combination option 'Gods of War' with Ares, Tyr and Month as possible companions. All of these Gairo are each from different realms, which negates any realm bonus. The bonus of +29 Defence and +33 speed makes for a very fast attack team when also using the full cavalry 10% bonus of Macha/Tyr/Month. However these two 4 star Gairo hold Macha back in potential (as well as Tyr and Month both being 1 range Gairo). She is better paired with realm Gairo such as Cuchulainn, Arthur, Merlin, Lancelot, Fionn.

If Ares is also unlocked, and there is no suitable legendary Infantry/Olympus group for him, a possible Macha/Ares team would work with great effect in the short/mid-term... giving Month or Tyr a sacrificial front tank role with supporting skills such as Phalanx (split attack after a normal attack), that will play to the strength of both Macha and Ares main skills.

Dismantable Skill:Rise
After the battle starts, increases the attack damage by 4.0%, and this effect can be stacked once each turn.                                                        

Rise is a fantastic late game skill for heavy hitting attack Gairo (such as Ares). However, Hyperion and Macha are both fantastic Gairo and it is recommended to wait until a second one of these cards is drawn before dismantling for this skill.


Macha is a prime single-target damage dealer and will often deliver reliable damage figures every battle. Can work well in both the rear or middle army position, however she is mostly placed at the rear, as this is a harder army slot (range 3 requirement) to fill for most other Gairo.

She is incredible to watch with her double attacks. Every round is a bonanza of bonus damage and chase skills firing off (up to 4 chase activations per turn).

Expect her to do a fairly consistent 20k damage per battle on level 7 city defender districts (45k troops).

Nickname: Titan
Server: (Commenced: season 1, server 6)
Current Season: 3
Alliance: The Iron Throne

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