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[gairo analysis] Guide: In-depth Gairo Breakdown – [Hades]

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The Landlord
Disclaimer: This guide is my opinion only and has been formed by my in-game experiences using this Gairo that has been shaped by the skills available to me and my supporting Gairo used with Hades. Your usage may vary for better or worse depending on your own Gairo and skill arsenal.

Brother of Zeus. After overthrowing the rule of Chronos withZeus and Poseidon, the three brothers divided the world by drawing sticksaccroding to Prometheus's proposal. Hades drew the stick for controling of theunderworld and became the Lord of the Underworld.

Skill Name:Underworld Odor
Decreases the enemy army’s attackand spirit attributes by 11 (affected by spirit), which lasts 2 turns. Duringthis time, whenever they attempt to cast active skills, they will enter hex statusand lose a certain amount of soldiers (damage rate 70%, affected by spirit)

Dismantable Skill:Sprit Form
Unable to carry out normal attacksduring the battle, and increases the damage from your spirit attacks by 12.5%.Also launches a spirit attack in every turn on any single enemy that is withinthe effective range of 5 (damage rate 41.5%, affected by spirit).

Hades has very high spirit with respectable defense statsfor what is essentially a backseat spirit damage dealer. It is not uncommon forhis normal attacks to do an additional (~3k damage (data from 60k district opponentarmy) which is a nice bonus to an already strong attack spirit gairo.
His siege is a respectable at +1.44 per level which giveshim a nice secondary utility role for siege; however, however Hades should beused more on the offensive rather than relegated to siege duties (unlessstamina is not a problem).
Speed is unfortunately in line with most infantry type Gairoat a leisurely +0.45 increase per level.

His long range main skill and 3 range attack cries out for arear-army position, however he can be made to work in middle position if needed.I have had good success using top long-range damage skills with Hades in rearposition.
I have recommended these skills because they are reasonablyeasy to obtain (4* gairo) and are amongst some of the strongest rear-positionspirit damage spells available.
Recommended Skills:

Incantation of Death:


Combination Bonus:
Hades does not have a Gairo group bonus that he can bepaired with.
However the pairing bonus with other infantry (+attack /+defense) is quite a strong combat buff for the group (not for Hades himself),however there are not a whole lot of other fantastic legendary Olympus realm infantryGairo to choose from. Hera/Medea/Athena are examples.
Players may be more temped (and not lucky enough withselection choices) to bunch him with other strong Gairo outside of his realmand troop type. This part is more dependent on the flexibility of a player’s availableGairo collection.



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