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[gairo analysis] 5-Star Gairo Analysis (8) | Player’s Guide

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The Landlord
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Glory of the Sun:

1 turn Prepares and launches spirit attacks to the enemy (damage rate 75%, affected by spirit), and makes the enemy enter cowardice status, causing them unable to launch normal attacks, which lasts 2 turns.
Comment Ra, the famous Sun God, is ideal at the rear as his powerful spirit output can eliminate 3 opponents at once in seconds. When matched with spirit skills like incantation of death designed for the rear, his output control is just awesome. I suggest that players add lightning once they have advanced Ra as I think that is the perfect combination for any spirit master. With an auxiliary center that comes with his/her own plus effects or an enemy's debuff, and coupled with a control type tank, even if this is not the top three archers in the Egyptian realm, it can still produce a very powerful effect. Highly recommended for use! At early stages, an invincible and wild combination of Ra and Hathor is something that makes everyone excited. A spirit master with output and control made for the rear is extremely rare, and if you have Ra, he can helm the rear and drill it to perfection.


Throne Guard:

Removes negative effects from the army and increases the defense attributes by 14.5 (affected by spirit), which lasts 2 turns. At the same time, makes the army enter avoidance status to immune from 1 time damage.
Comment It can be said that Amon offers a solid support. Group control removal + avoid for all your troops is the most formidable combination anyone can ever have when attacking higher lands and in any PvP! However, his growth is too low for a legendary male Gairo and that is a disadvantage, but this is needed to balance a powerful skill that removes all controls. As there are many strong Egyptian archers, there are many possible grouping options with an Egyptian squad. If you add stats and options to the whole spirit thing, he is the rear support of choice with a range of 4. Where there are other equally powerful Gairo, it is not recommended that Amon be the main Gairo. After all, his positioning is as an auxiliary Gairo. He is also not very useful for field battles in the early stages of the game. But in a situation where controls are rampant, Amon becomes very necessary to group and should be deployed as an auxiliary. Overall, this is a Gairo made for mid to later stages of the game. Deserted city is the skill that can be dismantled from Amon. The high probability, unlimited damage-free skill that can last two rounds is also an option to guard against Anubis' skills.


Eye of Horus:

Allows you to move first in each round. While attacking, there will be a 45% chance of increasing damage by 50%
Comment The effects produced by Horus' skill are similar to that of a crit. A crit with a 45% probability, and when the main skill has reached its limit cap, there is an additional 100% increase, doubling the damage inflicted. When matched with active skills that have a high damage, this crit will produce an impressive output. However, the probability of both the active skill being launched with the crit is not very high, hence the effects are not very promising in the early stages of the game. But if you simply rely on normal attacks and chase skills to trigger the crit, then this becomes a skill that demands a lot of auxiliary support (for example, if you have two chase skills, you will need support from a skill that allow Horus to output repeated attacks). As infantry, Horus has the inherent disadvantage of being slow. With a range of 2, the results are not very satisfactory when Horus is placed at the center as the main output. If I have the choice, I will not choose a Gairo that has a probability issue for high output and demands so much support from auxiliary skills. As an Egyptian Gairo, it is difficult to match the infantry to create a formation with maximum bonus effects. So Horus' strengths are overshadowed by his shortcomings. His strengths are not the best in the class but his shortcomings are somewhat excessive.


Titanic Power:

Increases the damage by 9% from attacks and spirit attacks launched by the allied team, and decreases the damage the allied team receives from attacks and spirit attacks by 9%, which lasts 2 turns
Comment I can't emphasize this enough but the most common deployment for Cronus is as the second leader for a siege. The seemingly great auxiliary skills are in fact great for defense. The skill upgrade and growth are so-so and he can only support two targets in your camp. Even if added to himself, there is not much impact. Beyond the siege, the growth is so pathetic that this legendary Gairo cannot even hold his head up high. The only thing worthwhile is his defense. However at the beginning, this skill may not be added to himself, hence as a shield, it still pales in comparison with other shields. The only recommendation is to use him for siege, or use him to advance other legendary Gairo, although this refers to how most people use this Gairo. Surprisingly for an average Gairo, the skill you can dismantle from him is fantastically good: bounty. Bounty is the favorite of output fanatics, and this skill works on anybody for a great output. If you can, dismantle Cronus to get this skill.


Steady Guard:

At the cost of reducing 30% personal attack attributes, decreases the damage received from attacks by 24.5% (affected by spirit), and protects the allied team by withstanding normal attacks, which lasts 2 turns.
Comment Prometheus is a front line Gairo that everyone can have at the beginning of the game. Not only does he offer protection to all his allies but he also helps to effectively secure your soldiers' output. But using Prometheus in the early stage can easily lead to a situation where the battle damage for a single entity will be too excessive. Let's take an example. When a common front is used, you may lose 300 soldiers in the center and 300 soldiers at the front; however, with Prometheus, you may lose 100 soldiers in the center while Prometheus may perish with another 500 dead soldiers. This greatly extends the recruitment team for the whole squad. At the beginning, when the Recruitment Office, Militia Barracks and temples have not reached their maximum, your development is largely affected by the soldier recruitment time. So at the beginning of the game, I don't recommend that you use Prometheus. I initially thought that this Gairo is a card designed to be eliminated as fodder for other purposes, but a posting by a player in the forum offered a fresh insight for all of us. We all know that Prometheus's ability to lower damage is related to his spirit, and his spirit growth is not too bad and quite useful. However, after an advanced Prometheus with his spirit plus is matched together with lightning (or gust) and psychological attack (cure or robust), his ability to reduce damage is staggering. At this point, he has a certain output and is an excellent spirit shield, and his skill in protecting his teammates becomes very useful. Moreover, there is no need to worry about the recruitment time during the later stages of the game. Hence, many players can try to use such a front-line formation. It is okay even if Prometheus is not advanced as long as his main skill can be leveled up.

Note: This guide is provided by players and does not represent the official stance of Immortal Conquest.


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