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[others] Immortal Conquest game features ideas

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I've been fantasizing about this for a while, thinking how the game could take an exciting turn, here are some ideas.

Gameplay Upgrade ideas for ImmortalConquest.

Table of Content

RSS Trading System
Battle Arena
Gairo Fusion
Full Enhancements unlock “GhostSkill”
Ghost Skills List and Descriptions.
New Realms.
Champion Skill and Server Name Honor


Everyone has wished that there was aseason where trading resources was possible. I don’t know if this could be implemented in any season or starting in a late season but this is how it could work without jeopardizing the balance of game.

a) It is unlocked after 48 hour protection.
b) 2 Orders are required from both ends to initiate process.
c) Sender sends a caravan with one of his 5 armies.
d) Sender can only send one at atime.
e) Sender can only send one resource at a time.
f) Sender can only send 20% of his current stock, no more and no less.
g) Receiver has to have the storage room for it. Overfilling is not possible.
h) Bandits may intercept it and triggera battle.
i) Trading length is equal to the speed of the army sent but there are no distance restrictions.
j) If receiver has no storage room,the sender will only get 80% of the resources originally sent.


This mode would allow those gutsy players place an Epic or Legendary Gairo on the line. With this mode, tradinggairos would be a reality the way it’s supposed to happen, by winning/losingthem in battle.

a) It would work in a similar way as the drill.
b) The cap limit is already maxed out for this mode (10).
c) Each side gets 30000 troops.
d) Challenger initiates the bet with one of his epic or legendaries. Challenged may only select a gairo of equalrarity.
e) Once the bet is set the battle is locked, can’t be skipped or cancelled.
f) Winner gets the gairo automatically.
g) Two same players can only battle once every 3 hours.


This idea came to my head after watching an episode of a popular anime series, where two warriors fused into one to form a more powerful entity.
Fusing Gairos would yield the same result, make a more powerful being. The following limitations would take place.

The fusions would be limited to same realm only.
The likeness of the new gairo would be taken after the one with highest spirit.
They gain an extra star of rarity for a total of 6 and classified as Super Legendary or some cooler name.
You can’t make the same fusion again.
Growth per level is 2.00 in every attribute except siege, which remains the same amount as the spirit dominant fused gairo.
Main skills are fused as well.
Skills are reset. Meaning if the skills were maxed, you’ll get 80% of the skill points back and will have to place new skills on your fused Gairo.
Gairo level is reset to 5, even if both fused Gairos were level 40 in example.
Fused gairos can’t be traded.


Fully enhanced Legendary Gairos get the opportunity to cast a random ghost skill in every battle.
The developers would create 8 different skills not obtainable by players in any way. One of these skills would randomly trigger in battles with fully enhanced Legendary Gairos only, in pretty much the same way passive or command skills activate. Only one Ghost skill per party may be triggered.


These 8 skills are
Divine Off: All skills that grant immunity tonegative statuses are blocked for the entire battle on both allies and foes.
Siege Doubled: The siege of the attacking party isdoubled in this battle.
Exp Doubled: Experience gained by this gairo andally gairos are doubled.
Sudden Death: Winning condition for defeating rear Gairo is changed to front Gairo in this battle for all parties in this battle.
Kamikaze: The front gairo of this player's party deliver a 4000 attack damage blow on the enemy party on turn 5, but also eliminates self for the rest of the battle.
Hulk Up: Attack damage for this Gairo's party isincreased by 25%.
Vendetta: Spirit damage for this Gairo's party isincreased by 20%
Cursed: This Gairo's party defense in decreased by 20%


There are realms I feel are missing and have so much potential.

The Mesopotamian realm, covering Indian gods and warring legends.
The Native Tribes realm, covering all americas' gods and mythical warriors.
The Dynasty realm, covering China, Korean and Japan's gods and legendary warriors.
The Slavic realm, covering ancient Russian and Polish gods and legendary warriors.


It would be cool if the server champions get an skill that is shared with all players that was in the alliance at the moment of server settlement, a skill that would not interfere in battle but more like an alliance skill that would provide resources bonus the first two weeks of the next season.
Also, the server name would change to the name of the alliance that conquered the capital. If capital was not conquered the alliance with most influence would get the honor.

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Hi Male! Love the idea of Gairos Fusion. I used to pay this Japanese game called SoulHacker, u can fused monsters into stronger kind. I think IF IC can, perhap allow players to trade up full enhanced legend gairo into mega powerful one. The mega Gairo just like giga, can come into 3 forms, attack support and control, so it will be interested to see people with same mag gairos with different skill sets. ;)
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