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[English] A Brand-New Gameplay----Rogue

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I totally disagree I've been playing this game since server 15 and now we're up to server 46 and all I know is the game has changed drastically. It's turned into Political farming alliances merge within the first 2 weeks to season opens now there is absolutely zero War zero PVP you sit on your thumbs for 10 weeks waiting for the next season for what nothing. And in actuality a lot of the vet players are getting sick of it and we are starting to build 50-member Rogue guilds which reached absolute havoc on all you farmers. The only way Rogue should be taken away from this game is if the alliances are push to a cap of 50 to 75 members. And then there wouldn't be enough room for everybody to just run to the biggest Alliance the alliance's would be forced to compete. I've had many good friends leave and rage quit the game because it's turned into nothing but politics and farming. Should change the name to Immortal agriculture. And as soon as a couple good Rogue Clans are successful at taking down those big alliances. I guarantee you'll see things change and I'll be a lot more full Rogue Clans running around. The farmers and the sleepers caused this. But you always have the option to go download Farmville if you don't like it.
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