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[gairo analysis] 5-Star Gairo Analysis (6) | Player’s Guide

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The Landlord
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  • Skill
  • Bloodthirsty:
  • At the cost of being unable to cast active skills, increases self troops\' attack damage by 60%

Comment Ares! The core output of choice for any cleave attack. Group with two chase skills and combine with some auxiliary skills (such as phalanx), and if you can, also add a swift plus shy or heart deprivation or trail to Ares, and watch how his output soars. If you do not have swift, you can group with Hermes, which is perfect as well. Ares is definitely all about output, even if you don\'t have a choice and must place him at the front, you can add return the fire, and the output is just as explosive. A low spirit is his flaw, and he is prone to significant damage and injury from spirit attacks. He will be also helpless if he encounters Anubis, the bane for all cleave attackers. If you have many practical groupings that you can deploy during the battle, then a cleave attack group with Ares is more suitable for picking up the pieces, and not as the first line of attack (the current version has too few wisdom type skills).


  • Skill
  • Thunderbolt:
  • Decreases the damage received from attacks and spirit attacks by 7.8% (affected by defense attributes). While attacking, the amount of soldiers recovered is equal to 15% of the damage value.

  Comment Thanatos can only stand at the front of the troops because of his range. Yet his passive skill for blood forces him to attack as he will not get enough blood if he does not launch a powerful attack. The recommended route is repeated attacks and trail with an attack-plus or chaotic attack and fierce attack. But Thanatos\' thirst for blood pales in comparison to that of Fenrir and Jason. Thanatos is not recommended if you need to have better control at the front row. Swift, the skill you\'ll get from dismantling Thanatos, is a favorite of Ares and Sphinx.


  • Skill
  • Countless Tricks:
  •   Makes a single enemy troop enter panic status and lose a certain amount of soldiers each round (damage rate 52.5%, affected by spirit), with a 100% chance of losing a great amount of soldiers because of hex curse (damage rate 79.5%, affected by spirit), which lasts 2 turns

  Comment Loki is a single entity spirit output sort of Gairo (come to think of it, no one seems to have this card). To start with, he is not very popular as infantry, but try to group him with Aengus and the damage from his spirit attacks on the opponents should be quite high. But group control and group attacks are too attractive and popular in this version and few players will opt for an attack skill by a single entity (unless it comes with control effects). In the early to mid stages of the game, Loki\'s speed is a hindrance, although his spirit is quite high and the output is not bad when group spirit attack is included. However, comparatively there are other and better spirit output choices, hence Loki is not recommended for use when other options are available (for example, Thor and Poseidon have a much higher output than Loki).


  • Skill
  • Crashing Waves:
  •   Attacks the enemy team (damage rate 100%) and decreases the damage they deal by attacks and spirit attacks by 7.5% (affected by spirit), which lasts 2 turns

Comment It looks like Njord has excellent key skills, and does not need preparation rounds for group damage or reduced damage. But for a legendary Gairo, his attack and defense growth are not high. Place him at the center with passion or chaotic attack to be responsible for the output or place him at the front as a barrier with robust and avoid. For now, I have yet to see anybody discuss this Gairo, so the above is purely theoretical. But based on the growth rates, this does not seem like a very good Gairo, hence I suggest that he be used as an auxiliary to debuff the opponents.


  Increases the damage caused by the first attack each round by 35%
  Comment As Ymir, like Poseidon and Freyr, can be drawn easily at the early stages of the game, many feel that this Gairo is just a piece of trash and worthless.   But in fact, the launch sequence for each round is such that active skills are preferred to normal attacks, which in turn take precedence over chase skills, and Ymir ends up carrying a very damaging active skill. That, plus his own skill, means that his output is actually very high. Plus the attack growth rate of 2 is not low.
  When grouped with stored power and fierce attack or, better yet, shock, the damage to a single entity in one round is easily 4X5,000 or may even exceed 10,000 if it is shock. Moreover, Ymir is a high-speed cavalry. There is a huge advantage when an attack with a large damage quotient has priority. This is because the loss in soldiers will cause subsequent output to be lower. Hence, hit the enemy first and the damage from subsequent attacks will be reduced. The only drawback is that Ymir\'s output is lower because he does not have any active skill with a high damage, and an epic skill like stored power is also not easy to dismantle. Of course, with stored power, Ymir\'s output will increase significantly and he is actually quite a decent Gairo. In the absence of stored power, skills like chaotic attack or spiritual attack will do as well. Besides, when you lack good Gairo at the front, as a Gairo with a range of 3, Ymir can be placed at the front with return the fire to counterattack all the 3 persons opposite. Very formidable indeed!

Note: This guide is provided by players and does not represent the official stance of Immortal Conquest.


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