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[English] Thunder Crows Easily Eliminate All Powerful Teams!

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The Landlord
Edited by Eric at 2018-3-23 02:53

Thunder Crows
Easily Eliminate All Powerful Teams!

Gairo focus this week is Badb, she is the strongest Support in ImmortalConquest! Her team can eliminate all your powerful teams easily!
Let’s show you 4 battle reports of her team that are the results of onlyone fight between her team and other Gairo combinations! Thunder Crows willalways give you a surprise in battle!

How does Thunder Crows defeat other teams so easily? We will explainhidden secrets of her skill combination.

Rear – Thor – Main Damage Output
1.  Effectof initial skill with full level
2. Analysis:
1) His initial skill is that Launchesspirit attacks to all enemies within a range, making them unable to recoversoldiers. He has a great suppress ability when fight against other teams whichhave healing Gairos (such as Aphrodite, Arthur and Aoide etc.)
2) Thor is main damage output inteam, his skill combination is routine, Spirit Form + Ambush (a skill in S2),if you do not have such skills, you can also use multi-targets skills such asIncantation of Death and Diversion etc.

Center – Sucellus – Support +Control
1.  Effectof initial skill with full level

2. Analysis:
1)  Hisinitial skill is that launches a fierce attack against the enemy troop andinflicts them with Silence, all enemies are unable to launch active skills. Theinitial skill provides the most important spirit control for team.
2)  The mostsuitable skill for Sucellus is Battle High (a skill in X-Season), coupled withhis initial skill can make him 100% into an immune state; he is uncontrollablewhile constantly exerting control over enemy. The third skill is SpiritPunishment, this skill can make him provide a little damage output for team. Ifyou do not have such skills, you can also use some actively physical attackskills.

Front – Badb – Main Support
1. Effectof initial skill with full level

2. Analysis:
1)  Herinitial skill can be launched 100% on turns 1,3,5,7, if the skill works onThor, then Thor’s probability of launching initial skill in this turn increasesfrom 30% to 100%; if it works on Sucellus, it means he has 75% chance thatlaunches his initial skill to control enemy without preparing.
2)  Werecommend learning Column Formation (a skill in S2) to increase damage outputof active skill for team. The second optional skill is Threaten, it cansuppress enemy’s normal attack, and coupled with Sucellus’s initial skill,enemy will be suffered double controls. If you don’t have Threaten, you canchoose other skills which can reduce damage to Badb or her allies.  
Add Stats
1.  Thor &Sucellus: we recommend adding some attribute points to speed, if meet the sameGairo, they can attack first.
2.  Badb: werecommend add all attribute points to speed to greatly promote effect of ColumnFormation (affected by speed)
Thor: Heavy Cavalry, needs effect of reducing damage
Sucellus & Badb: Light Cavalry, provides first attack
Are you still amazed at their lethality? Recruit Thunder Crows,you will have such amazing power!
If you have any other marvelous combinations of Gairo andskill, please share with us!


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