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Title: Nuada - Who is the strongest Rear Gairo? [Print this page]

Author: Eric    Time: 2018-2-24 03:31
Title: Nuada - Who is the strongest Rear Gairo?
Edited by Eric at 2018-2-24 03:36

Nuada - Who is the strongest Rear Gairo?

Gairo focus this week- Nuada, he is strongest Rear killer, due to he can be promoted to Barbarian, so there are manydifferent kinds of his combination. But today, we will introduce you his Archercombination.

Here are two different battle reports:

Most of you must consider Archer Nuada is advanced Heracles, Nuadareally plays an important role than Heracles in some correspondingcombinations, but the requirements of the team is relatively high. Therefore,when you haven’t Heracles as a powerful archer damage output, Nuada is a greatGairo to choose.

Next, let us introduce you skill combination:

Nuada in Rear- Main damage output

Effectof initial skill with full level: (Active skill)
1 Turn Prepares and launches a fierce attackagainst a single enemy (damage rate 310%), has a 75% chance of launching anattack against the enemy rear (damage rate 150%). Afflicts chaos which lasts 1turn.

1. Nuada is powerful because his initial skill not only givesmulti-targets damage, but also gives opponent’s rear chaos effect, but it is anactive skill and easy to be controlled. Therefore, attack speed is veryimportant!
2. As for his skills, Premeditation is the first choice which can decrease preparationround of launching initial skill and increase launch times. The second choiceis Cleave, it can cause multiple damages.
3. If you haven’t skills above, we recommend using active multi-targets physical attack skills to maximizedamage such as Spirit Punishment and Flying Arrows and so on.

Cernunnos in Center- Main support and control

Effectof initial skill with full level: (Command skill)
Reduces the whole enemy troop's Spirit by 6%.This effect stacks each turn. Also silences the enemy troop for the first 2turns  of battle, preventing them fromusing active skills

1. The reason we strongly recommend Cernunnos is that his initial skillis Command skill, it can control some skills such as Britomatis and Frigga andhelps prevent the enemy from casting active skills in the first two turns.Nuada's damage output is greatly protected in the first two turns, In addition,the growth of Nuada’s spirit is very low, so Cernunnos will guarantee hissafety during the first two rounds.
2. As for skills, we recommend you to use the standard Center skill, Crackdown+ Disturb, but not very recommend usingLine Formation, because Nuada’s attack range is 3, he can’t get many bonus.
3. Cernunnos is a Gairo of Season 3, if you haven’t him, you can also useBritomartis, Frigga, Ra and so on and choose control+ damage output skills suchas Lightning and Labyrinth.

Anubis in Front- Control + damage output

1. Cernunnos can limit enemy's damage output of active skill, aftercombining with Anubis (which makes the enemy unable to normal attack) can give doublecontrols to enemy in the early parts of battle and provide Nuada with perfectdamage output environment.
2. Anubis is not much controversial about skill choices, you can use IntermediateConfusion +Surprise Attack. Intermediate Confusion, in the first round of thefight, prohibiting the goals to launch active skills, will conflict with theskill of Cernunnos, the control effect will belost in vain, we recommend it completely for another reason - it reduces thedamage by 90%, which allows Anubis to take most of the damage to the wholeteam. A sudden attack at the moment is the standard skill of Anubis, givingboth a physical attack and a spiritual attack.
3.  If you haven’t skills above, you can use Gust or inflict debuff skillsto instead.

Add stats:
From Nuada’s initial skill and combination ofactive skills to analyze, if you want to defeat enemy easily, your attack speedmust faster than enemy, especially when you meet enemy troop whose rear is Heraclesor other powerfully physical archer Gairos, if Nuada successes to launch hisinitial skill once, it will ensure other Gairos damage output this turn. Therefore,speed attribute is the key factor in determining the success or failure of thebattle.

Nuada, Anubis: Scouts, reduces all incomingdamage while inflicted with cowardice or silence and avoids damage.
Cernunnos: Javelineer,damage output isincreased by 10%.
Today, we have introduced a combination ofArchers, but Nuada is also powerful as Barbarian, especially combines withArtemis and Athena. If you have tried Barbarian combinations, do not hesitateto send us your battle reports!

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