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Title: Problem with promoting gairo. [Print this page]

Author: Brinke    Time: 2018-1-28 07:56
Title: Problem with promoting gairo.
My gairo gara has the option to promoot if I select that I can pay 800 and it should promoot but I get only that she already is promoted .. but she is default. And I have 10 priest cards that are invisible by selecing. A bug ?
Author: Brinke    Time: 2018-1-28 18:20
I had hoped on a reaction by now .. this problem exist with my highest set there by useless for further devellopment .
Author: Brinke    Time: 2018-2-4 17:22
What is the use of this forum ?  After 7 days still no reaction ... this section is worth less ..

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