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Title: Android Apps [Print this page]

Author: RobertHitle    Time: 2018-1-24 06:45
Title: Android Apps
<b>Here's a selection of nine useful apps that can help you make the most of your Android device.</b> View As: One Page Slides <b>Some of them actually allow you to change how the very system works, in a way.</b> "Backdrops," one of Android's best apps for high-definition wallpapers.Business Insider/Edoardo MaggioMost modern apps are developed for the two big mobile operating systems (OS): Google's Android and Apple's iOS. Android is the more flexible OS of the two, which means that it can be highly customisable with apps that are exclusive to it. There are apps like Link Bubble and its unique browsing experience, for instance, or Action Launcher 3's re-imagination of a home screen. However, choice and flexibility also mean that it can be easy to get lost inside the hundreds of apps present in the Play Store.

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