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Title: [IC Foundry] Analysis of legendary skill – Persuade! 吧 [Print this page]

Author: Hons628    Time: 2018-1-24 05:55
Title: [IC Foundry] Analysis of legendary skill – Persuade! 吧
Skill Type: Command
Range: 4
Target: Enemies (2 targets)
Rate: Due to it being a command, it willalways activate thus making rate irrelevant.

For the first 3 turns after the battle begins, decreases the normalattack and spirit attack damage caused by the enemy troop by X % (Affected bySpirit)”

Howto acquire:
To acquire this skill, you must dismantle either Fenrir (Norse Cavalry 5 star) or Hera (Olympian Infantry 5 star) by first unlocking the Gairo (All acquired 5 star naturally come locked once acquired, and must be unlocked to dismantle or use for 3rd skill unlock). Upon doing so, you will receive the skill at 10% research completion in your skills page. To complete the research, you may only use Epic (4 star) Olympus Gairo, which provide 5% research each. You may alternatively use duplicates of the Gairo (Fenrir and Hera) for boosted research %, but it is not recommended to do so since 5 star cards are so rare.
At max level, Persuade allows for 30%damage reduction from both spirit and normal attack damage from enemies(Affected by Spirit).

Usagein actual combat:

Persuade does exceptionally well against Gairo like Fionn who apply their damage before the battle even begins, or like Ares with Mortal Combo who do insane burst damage first 2 rounds of battle. Due to its range of 4, it is recommended that you place it in the Front position or the Center position unless you are purposefully targeting the front 2 Gairo. In this particular battle, Persuade hit Fionn which will decrease his damage by 54%, but there are reasons why this will happen. Skill cast order is completely dependent on the speed of the Gairo it was placed on, so if I had used Persuade on a gairo slower than Fionn and he casted his command skill before mine, his Damage would not have been reduced and my skill would have been a complete waste. Persuade in this battle had saved me from a lot of unavoidable damage. Due to it being a command, the only way a Gairo may avoid the effect it applies is if it had divine status or was Heimdall. Command Skills cannot be cleansed.

1. Rating
There are 4 Tier types based on the skillability and usage. The Tier list goes from best to worst: God Tier > Gold> Silver > Bronze.
2.  Explanation
Due to it being from a 5 star gairo, it immediately gains Gold tier due to its rarity factor, however it isn’t practically used and is still a very situational skill. Only effective vs. enemies that have spirit/attack bombs in the early rounds, its versatility isn’t quite great leaving it at Gold Tier.
It’s obvious that 54% reduced attack/Spirit damage is great, the issue resides in its duration and targets. Since it does not target all 3 enemies, there is a chance it may miss that important Gairo it is truly effective against, making it less reliable and consistent. Also, due to its duration, most Gairo don’t tend to cast their skill nukes until round 3 or 4, which is when the duration ends. If this skill lasted 1 turn longer, it would have been considered God Tier.

Note: This guide and the views presentedare provided by a player and do not represent the official position of ImmortalConquest.

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