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Title: Siege Analysis Spreadsheet [Print this page]

Author: Jayveon    Time: 2017-3-2 07:25
Title: Siege Analysis Spreadsheet
Edited by Jayveon at 2017-3-2 07:28

I have been working on my siege and made this to figure out some groups. The blue fields can be changed but the grey ones should not since they are formulas. Turns are capped at 10 because of stamina. Having a max level 9 sub bonus will not help getting another hit in an hour. If they aren't fully rested, they only get 9 hits so just change where you see in the formula =MIN(10 to =MIN(9. It's rounded down because it's not like they hit 3.6 times. You'll need to know how much seige a group does so hitting an inactive base close to you is a quick and painless option if you're using any skills that increase Siege.

A couple things will show that it's obviously best to be as close as possible. Being on the corner will bring the distance up and you'll see that a .2 distance changes things.  I put in random numbers to show that high siege doesn't matter if they're slow. I've been experimenting with Wild Throw skill (increases seige for Archers) and it could be a benefit if they're fast.

I hope this helps! I see a lot of views on my resource spreadsheet and no complaints about links not working. I've never used Google Docs so I'm hoping it's viewable.

Edit: When changing the time, you'll need to type it in with 0: at the beginning such as 0:15:00 for 15 minutes.

Author: Xak    Time: 2017-3-9 23:24
This is cool. I just bring more friends :D

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