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Title: 5-Star Gairo Analysis (3) | Player’s Guide [Print this page]

Author: Esqueleto    Time: 2017-3-1 20:16
Title: 5-Star Gairo Analysis (3) | Player’s Guide
Celtic Galahad [cost 2.5]

Basic Skill
Supreme Guard:
Increases the defense attributes of team by 12.5 (affected by spirit), as well as the spirit attributes by 15, attack attributes by 9.4 (affected by spirit), and speed attributes by 15 (affected by spirit), which lasts 2 turns, with a 50% chance of making the team enter avoidance status and be immune from damage from the next attack.
[Skill description]: Enhances attributes of Gairo, and is good for avoids; for use in later stages of the game in core Gairo formation; stack onto attributes for use.
Dismantled Skill
Gairo Characteristics
For the Celtic Infantry which moves as slow as a tortoise, speed and avoid are very important attributes.
Add Stats to Attribute
Pure Spirit
Learn Skill
1. Command that increases attack and reduces damage/ active skill; can be stacked continuously to widen the gap between attack and defense.
2. Control type that uses the value gap to change the launch sequence. For any control type, getting the upper hand is essential to survival!
Gairo Positioning
Use to level up the Gairo during the later stages of the game; the idea is to support 2 other core and powerful commanders to enhance their attributes in order to improve their skills and defense.
Recommended Formation
Can only be used during the advanced stages of the game. The best is to group 2 skills to powerfully and comprehensively strengthen the core attributes.

Celtic Cuchulainn [cost 3.5]

Basic Skill
Gae Bulg:
Prepares for two rounds and launches a fierce attack against the enemy team ignoring the type of soldiers (damage rate 225%)
[Skill description]: The most powerful group attack skill in the game that creates 450% damage and disregards the archers' restraint. With revision, there is a 75% probability to make this skill more reliable. The best attack rhythm is to launch the skill three times in rounds 3/5/7 where the total amount of damage will be 1350%.
Dismantled Skill
1 turn Prepares, and launches a fierce attack against the enemy team (damage rate 140%)
Gairo Characteristics
A single high-damage group attack skill for Gairo
A dismantled skill that is very suitable for Nordic Ymir
Average damage is too low
Group avoid is its bane
Getting the upper hand in attack and stacking the attack damage are very important
Add Stats to Attribute
Pure Attack
Learn Skill
1. Active skill to increase physical damage: Passion
2. Passive skill to increase physical damage: Rise
Gairo Positioning
Group attack skill with high damage that also increases the damage due to own attacks
Recommended Formation
1. Match squads with group damage skills; group attacks and group damage
2. Also suitable for use in the squad led by Legendary Ymir. Output attacks will hit the opponent's front and center

Nordic Odin [cost 3.5]

Basic Skill
During this battle, decreases the attributes of attack, defense, spirit, and speed of the enemy team by 10%, and increases the attack range of team by 1.
[Skill description]: Amazing tactical skill where a range of +1 allows Gairo with range of 1 or 2 to move back by 1 square. Also allows those with normal attack ranges to extend their ranges. Directly attacks the enemy's rear but this cannot be upgraded once the attack decreases. Very suitable for counterattack types with reduced damage.
Dismantled Skill
Advanced Range Attack:
Increases the attack attributes by 10 spirit by 10, and attack range by 1. It also gives the same benefits to the allied team in the first 3 turns after the battle begins.
Gairo Characteristics
Gairo with amazing skills
Defensive Gairo with reduced damage for physical attack
Alter the range
Add Stats to Attribute
Pure Defense
Learn Skill
Return the Fire/Meditate/Group Attack/Reduced Damage/Passive/Command
Gairo Positioning
The favorite of Gairo like Agamemnon/Conchobhar/Legendary Fenrir who have very short chase values. Group with Merlin to reduce damage from both physical and spirit attacks. Helps cavalry with a range of 3 to resist powerful attacks. Suitable for counterattack types.
Recommended Formation
1. Legendary Arthur + Merlin + Odin
2. Frigga or Thor + Legendary Fenrir + Odin
3. Odin's grouping is quite complicated, but if a far-range attack is cleverly deployed, this can greatly alter the tactical layout, such as getting around the enemy's front to attack the rear. Front with a shorter range can counterattack those at the rear, and where, from the center, Rhea can move to the main base and so on.

Note: This guide is provided by players and does not represent the official stance of Immortal Conquest.

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