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Title: A peculiar tale; the adventure unfolds [Print this page]

Author: Abbodon    Time: 2017-2-22 21:23
Title: A peculiar tale; the adventure unfolds
With the trauma of the experiences of the night prior, Abbodon stumbled home sobering quickly. Abbodon didn't sleep in the slightest that night. With his mind racing and fear growing Abbodon was in turmoil, until he realized something. No beast could harm him. Being a member of domination, almost nothing could hurt him with the team behind him. With this sudden boost of confidence, Abbodon decided to go find this 1501 mountain, but first Abbodon realized that this quest could not be done alone. With this in mind our protagonist decided to go to northern jothohiem to ask for guidance from solitstum the wise, The honored leader of domination.
On his way to joth Abbodon pondered many, many ideas of what could come from this quest. An hour later Abbodon saw a strange man burning something. Now with our protagonist being naturally curious, he decided to check out the strange occurrence. "My good sir, what are you burning?" Abbodon asked. "The name is Azureus, and I'm retiring the flag of domination." Azureus replied. Abbodon then said "Why would you do such a thing, do you know what this means?" "I know perfectly well what I'm doing you retard," Azureus said with sudden hostility,"I'm leaving Domination, I prefer to do my own thing." Abbodon stood there and thought about his next move. " If that is what you truly wish then I hope you are contempt, but Domination is at war with Temporal Distortion, I can not guarantee you safety." Azureus returned to the fire and lit the red flag of Domination into a pillar of flame. Abbodon left the camp and continued on his journey.
After fighting his way through a hostile level 7 farm tile, Abbodon reached the capital of Jothohiem, the city Solitstum the wise lived in. When Abbodon reached the gate of the city, he saw 2 men. One of the men was wearing the uniform of a Domination officer, but his partner wasn't. " Is this a man in training officer, because only officers can guard the city of a chief." Abbodon inquired. The unranked man yelled at Abbodon in a harsh manner," HOW DARE YOU INSULT ME YOU IMBOCILE!" Abbodon never backed down from a fight, so he proceeded to tell back. The insults were harsh and choice words were used. The officer watched the two men bicker, studying them both. It was only when the fight got physical that the officer spoke," That is enabled you too, grow up." He continued by saying," traveler my name is Shamrocke, and my partner's name is Wyte. He does not bear an officer uniform due to budget cuts, but you shall respect him as you respect me. Is that understood Mr..." Abbodon quickly replied," Abbodon sir" and gave a quick salute. "Abbodon state your business for being here." Wyte strictly commanded. "Wyte sir, I come to see Solitstum the wise." The officers asked our protagonist many questions to determine if he wasn't a threat. Abbodon passed with flying colors and was permitted access.
In the royal palace, Abbodon brought to a waiting room of sorts. "Wait here, the cheif shall see you shortly." The guard said before leaving. Abbodon wasn't alone in the room. There was 2 others in there with him, a man and a woman. "Hello, sir and ma'am, my name is Abbodon, what's yours?" Abbodon asked. The man replied first,"My name is Fred be Dead." Then the woman instantly said,"My name is Krystal, a pleasure to meet you Abbodon." Fred then asked,"Abbodon why do you seek to meet with Solitstum?" "I have come too ask for resources and men for an expedition." Krystal got very curious by hearing Abbodon say this. "Fred has also come to ask for resources and men for an expedition." "Really Fred, where to?" Abbodon inquired. "A mountain." Fred said quickly and shortly. "A mountain, I'm also going to a mountain." Abbodon said pushing the issue. "My mountain is in lower egypt, where's yours?" Fred was very interested, seeing as his mountain was also in lower Egypt. "1501,1501." Was Fred's reply. The conversation continued and the two men realized how similar their experiences were. A guard walked in and proceeded to ask for Fred and Krystal. Abbodon waited for another hour pondering why the two experiences were so similar, until he was called up by the guard to see Solitstum. As Abbodon walked down the Hall of Leaders, he looked at and admired the portraits of the previous Leaders. When Abbodon reached the door to the throne room, he asked himself,"If I go through that door, my life will never be the same, do I want to do this?" Ten seconds later, Abbodon opened the doors to the throne room, and greated Solitstum.
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