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Title: Skills page in website [Print this page]

Author: tristram    Time: 2017-2-21 20:52
Title: Skills page in website
Hello Dev team. I think it would be nice if Skills were laid out in a table format where we can easily filter if the skill is a defensive skill, attack skill or support skill. Also can it be possible to identfy if the skill is activated by Spirit, Attack, Defence etc? Also in the skills table, can you please also add the name of the Gairo to which the skills are aquired when dismantling or whos Gairo use the skill as default?

Author: nickeyblaze    Time: 2017-3-14 15:33
if you do a search for immortal conquest in Reddit someone has put together an excellent Google docs page with many of the top skills and where to dismantle, rate of increase per level, etc.

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