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Title: There and Back Again - A Fred Story [Print this page]

Author: Fred    Time: 2017-2-20 23:42
Title: There and Back Again - A Fred Story
There is was again- that flickering light. I've seen it times before but never knew its name. But this time was different- this time the light started talking.
I said, "here I am light, what is your purpose for being here?"
The light said back; "I come to deliver you a message- a message of hope. You must walk to the mountain at tile 1501,1501. I will be waiting for you."
I said; "ok"

So i started walking and playing my fiddle and it just so happend to be- The best song in the world! It was the best song in the world! Look into my eyes and it's easy to see 1 and 1 make 2; 2 and 1 make 3! It was destiny!

But more was to happen- later.
Author: Fred    Time: 2017-2-21 07:05
So about all of 2 minutes later a great beast appeared in the road ahead- blocking the path that lay before me. Now I know this is completely out of order from the song but bear with me here. The beast said; "Hi, I'm Ralph the beast. I want you soul- please give it to me." My first response was; "well, you'll have to try and convince Soul youself to join you- otherwise your only real option is to occupy him." The beast said, "There is no need to ask permission, I will take of his lands those that I fancy." I replied; "Do as you wish oh beast, but the armies of Heaven and Hell may turn against you in such a scenario." The beast was quick to say; "You can save old Soul if you give me the Eye of Horus." I said back, "You know beast- not quite sure what you're asking but I'll try and and find this Eye this without Abbandon."
The beast replied, "Good choice- your reward will be great than all the alliance bonuses of TD and Dom."
I said,"sweet boss, I'm on it."
And the beast disappeared from the road
Author: Fred    Time: 2017-2-21 19:50
From there the road was winding. It meandered back and forth through the dark tiles of Asgard- the tiles of my homeland. It was about this time I started to realize I had no idea where I was going - and no idea in which direction 1501,1501 was.
As I exited the level 6 forest tile which I had been in came upon a clearing- it was at least 15 tiles wide- and beholden before me was the great capital Gladsheim. Around Gladsheim there was a great commotion- and many armies swelled from around its mighty walls. I walked up to the first dude I could find. I said, "Hey dude what's going on around here, this like a music festival or something?" He replied, "Naw dude, we're just getting ready to sack the city- want to join?" I said, "Well sounds like a plan, I mean I can contribute some muscle. But hey I haven't even got your name?"
He replied, "oh yeah sorry about that man- the names Tig- Tigbitties. Nice to meet you."
I replied back, "nice to meet you Mr. Bitties, my name's Fred Be Dead"
"Fred Be Dead? That's kind of different" Mr. Bitties replied.
I said, "I know man it's a long story - it involves this actor named Thom Green and and some finger action- but I won't bore you with the details."
Tig said, "Alright man understood. Welp you ready for some action?"
I replied, "With such strength to sack such a great city- be you Angels?"
Tig countered quickly- "Nay- We are but men HUH!"
And there was chest bumping and yeehawwing all around the campfires around Gladsheim. But more was to follow
Author: Fred    Time: 2017-2-21 22:53
So a large battle occurred on the plains of Asgard that day- and the captial of Gladsheim was taken by the fighting company of the alliance Domination.
Now I know what you're thinking- 'where are all the juicy battle details- you aren't even going to tell us gairo combos and skills used?!' I know, I know. Look- haven't you ever watched Game of Throne- there wasn't a really good battle scene at least until season 3 or 4. Sorry people the battle scenes aren't in the budget at this time until this thread starts getting HBO viewership- but I digress.
So anyway- yes- the battle was over and there was great rejoicing. I too joined in these festivities- for honestly all that walking so far was starting to give me shin splints. I searched the camps for Mr. Bitties and stumbles upon a warrior woman.
I asked the lady, "M'am- you look tired from battle, as am I- but this ale from the tavern over yonder has got me feeling right, and I'm looking for my friend Mr. Bitties- have you seen him?"
The warrior woman, looked at me and looked away, kicking the dirt slightly where she sat.
"I know Tigbitties, but haven't to have seen since him since the battle. I'm sorry I can't help you."
I said, "well hell its no big deal I'm sure ole Tig will turn up. But what's your story? The whole camp is full on ale and merriment and here you are seemingly not interested in the festivities- is there something wrong?"
"No" she replied "I'm just a bit tired, and my companies lost many men since we the first to engage the city."
I consoled her, "'Tis only natural in the course of war for men to perish. Don't let them die in vain- you must live for them!"
At that there was silence- she stared off into the distance, not moving much and me uneasily sipping my Ale. After awhile she replied, "Perhaps you are right sir, perhaps it's time to move on."
"Yes!" I said "that's the spirit! Let me help you up Ms..?"
"Krystal" she replied.
"It's a been a pleasure to meet you Ms. Krystal. My name is Fred Be Dead, and I'm on a mission for glory, honor, and to save this dude named Soul from a beast named Ralph. Will you join me?"
Krystal replied, "My mission is to help my alliance, so I will not be able to go with you far. However, I could take you to the house of my Cheif- in the lands to the Northwest in Jothuheim if you feel he could help you."
I said, "Well let's get er done, what are we waiting for?!"
At that Krystal and I picked up our limited belonging and started Northwest into the night- as the joyous bonfires and meriment slipped slowly away behind us.
But much more was to come
Author: Fred    Time: 2017-2-22 21:43
Krystal and I walked for what seemed like weeks- but which probably only amounted to like a days or 2. We arrived at a Towering mountain range- that seemed to stretch in each direction for eternity- with no seemingly way around this obstacle.
At this i questioned the fair maiden, "Krystal, where in God's green Earth have you led us to? I seems our road ends here, surely there is no way to cross these mountains safely?"
Krystal looked over at me with a look of annoyance, "Ye of little faith- oh Be Dead. My allies hold a gate near here to the other side- we need only to find them for help."
At that we started to walk along the foot of the endless mountains- searching for the gate which she had spoke of. As we crossed into a fertile northern plain along the bottom of the mountain, we saw a small hamlet and a farmer working his fields. We approached this farmer with reserve- so as not to seem intrusive. When we upon the man l spoke first.
"Oh sir, man who works these lands- can you direct us to the gate that the alliance Domination holds to the lands of Jothuheim?"
He turned slowly, only partially looking at us, and replied, "You are close- the gate is just a bit further along the same line that you are walking."
After hearing him speak and seeing part of his face, I realized who he was immediately,
"Swanny old boy! How have you been? It's Fred Be Dead- your old neighbor and alliance mate in the Varangian Guard- do you remember?"
Swanny turned around completely and greeted me with a warm smile.
"It has been a long time Fred. Too long indeed."
Krystal injected, "You two were once neighbors and fought together, but how can this be so since we are so far from your part of Asgard?"
I replied, "Thats a good question Krystal, we rose up quickly together and it seemed our efforts were but a shooting star. Soon after we had established ourselves, Swanny here disappeared from the fledging city he had built. The weeds began to grow in the streets and his people started to disperse. No one knew why he left so abruptly. Tell me my old friend, what happened to you that you reasoned to leave behind what we had built?"
Swanny looked at us kindly, then away into the faint sun of the North. Swanny breathed deeply and replied,
"I missed the fresh air Fred. I missed the struggle of working with your hands and smelling the Earth as you toiled. I was tired of the City life, I was tired of being the decision maker. I needed a change."
I considered what he had to say but still protested,
"Yes Swanny I left it all behind too, but I at least gave my 2 weeks notice. So many depended on you but you simply walked away. Couldn't you of at least told us so we could prepare?"
Swanny was quieter in his next response.
"Yes Fred I understand that my actions left much undone- and I am sorry for that. I just know that if I were to tell you all about my planned exit- that it would not be well received. I did not want to feel the pressure from others to stay. I wanted to leave without remembering any hurt."
The 3 of us pondered all that had been said for awhile, and stood calmly against the cool breeze.
Krystal in her determination broke the silence with,
"Gentlemen- I have to reach the house of my chief- and Fred you are determined to complete your quest. We should leave your friend here in peace."
Swanny replied, "It seems the lady is directing you both to be on your way Fred. I would ask you to stay for a meal but If there's one thing I know about you there is little that you will let stand in the way of the mission. I plan to work these lands for a long time- and you are welcome back at any time. If you are ever in need of me commune with our wise master Odin. He will show you the way, and bring me to your aid."
I smiled at the thought, and felt like another chapter in my life could finally find resolution.
"Aye old Swanny. May your life be long and fruitful- and may you find great reward in this fertile valley till Valhalla come."
A firm handshake and a nod to Swanny concluded the visit of Krystal and I to this fertile plain. With that Krystal and I continued down along the base of the mountain range. We were both determined to stay the course which we were on, and a great structure started to materialize in the distance. More was to come.
Author: Fred    Time: 2017-2-26 21:53
Krystal and I approached the wall closer with every step- the shear magnitude of the structure became apparent as we approached.
"You know Krystal" I said. "Company, always on the run. Destiny, like the rising sun?"
She replied,
"I was born- a six gun in my hand, against the gun, I'll make my final stand."
We knew what we were heading for- this was the gate of Gods Green Earth- just recently renamed as such when the writers forgot the actual name of the gate was.
"What do you think awaits us in Jothuheim fair maiden?" I quipped.
"Nay I speculate upon such events oh Fred the Dead- we shall let the Gods decide for us."
The sun glistened against the stones laid upon each other that closed the pass through the mighty mountain range. After awhile we were finally upon the gate.
The gateman called down to us, "Who goes there?"
I replied, "It is I- Fred Be Dead - King of All That Is. And this is my trusty side Kick Krystal."
Krystal was quick to reply, "I don't remember ever agreeing to be your side kick."
To which I whispered, "just play along." I continued shouting up to the gatekeeper. "We have traveled from the other side of Asgard on a great quest to save Souls and reach the great mountain at 1501,1501. Please open the gate or fetch your gate master to grant us passage to the lands of Jothuheim? We have traveled far and our horse are tired and in need of passage to the grass that is greener on the other side"
"What horses?" The gate keeper replied. "You're just banging together coconuts?!"
"I say" I said. "So what? We've risen since the snows of winter covered this land. Through the Kingdom of Gladsheim. Through the-"
"Where'd you get them?" The gatekeeper cut me off.
"Get what?" I replied.
"The coconuts?" The gate keeper answered. "Surely you didn't get them in Gladsheim the coconuts are a tropical fruit. This is a temperate zone!"
"So?!" I said. "Does the swallow not fly from the south after winter or the golden goose also migrate? But these are not strangers to our lands?"
"Are you suggesting coconuts migrate?" He replied.
"No." I said. "But could they not have been carried?"
"Carried by what?" He said. "Are you suggesting a swallow carried a coconut here?"
I then replied, "Well why not? Does the swallow not visit the lands that coconuts grow during our winters here?"
To that the gate keeper said. "It's not a question of location it's a question of weight ratios- it's impossible for a 5 ounce swallow to carry a 5 pound coconut."
"Perhaps it was an African Swallow?" Another man on top of the gate cut in with.
"Ahh yes," the first gate keeper replied, "An African swallow maybe but I thought we were talking about European swallows. Do African swallows migrate?"
At that I cut in.
"Enough! Please fetch us your gate master to tell him Frederick the Great is here as well as his trusty sidekick Krystal."
The gate keepers continued among themselves, "Well perhaps a pair of swallows could have carried it together?"
"Maybe" the other said, "but what a feat that would be. Excuse me sir, did you see the swallows that dropped your coconut?" They looked down for us. But myself and Krystal were no where to be seen. You see during their blabbering one of them conveniently dropped the keys from the wall down to us unknowingly, the keys were setting on the edge of the wall but they had knocked the set off as they turned to speak to each other. By the time they had realized we were gone we were already crossing under gate Gods Green Earth.
Once upon the other side I breathed a sigh of relief.
"Ah, here we are young Krystal. We are now well on our way. Let us stop up ahead to feed the horses."
..."you're joking right?" She replied.
"Oh no." I said. "Don't you think the horses are overtired and need to rest and eat?"
Krystal articulated her response slowly and articulated, "you do realize the whole premise of having horses are predicated on you banging those hollow coconut shells together right?"
"Whatever do you mean fair maiden?!"
At that she grabbed the coconut shells I had been banging together and threw them to the ground. She followed swiftly by cutting the shells into pieces with her sword.
"You bit-- ahhh not nice lady! Why did you do that?!"
"It was for your own good you looney fool." She replied. "Now let's get going."
At that we continued north along the road- me humming to myself the words of "Bad Company" by "Bad Company." I knew then and then that everything was going to be alright.
Author: Fred    Time: 2017-3-11 22:22
Cold, dark, wet. I tossed and turned. I groggily came to my senses- trying to feel for a blanket or article of clothing - but nothing- just cold, dark, and wet. I finally came to my senses enough to see that I was alone, with little more than a patchy canvas tunic and pair of pants. It was freezing. I squinted- looking around I realized I was both cold and alone in a clearing in the woods. The winds howled around me.
I was confused- didn't know I had got there or why everything seemed so different- and couldn't really remember where i had last been anyway to boot.
I stood up, clothed in rags, searching for the rhyme or reason. I turned around - and started to see 2 glowing figures approaching me in the distance. I honestly was a little scared- I had no idea where I was- I was cold- I couldn't find a weapon- i was near helpless. After a few moments my eyes found a bolder nearby and I ran over to hide behind it.
Waiting. Mercilessly waiting that seemed like an eternity. I could hear footsteps approaching nearby- I stayed frozen in place. Then nothing- just quiet. Quiet- lonely quiet....
"ARISE YOUNG MAN" boomed a
Voice from the other side of the rock. "ARISE AND MEET US- DO NOT STAY HIDDEN BEHIND THAT ROCK ANY LONGER"
Thinking. What was I to do? They obviously knew I was there and they hadn't yet attacked me but very well could have. Time to meet your maker- time to face the music. I got up slowly, turning around as I rode up and placed my hands on the rock behind me- facing in the direction of the voice. Only a pathetic rock between me and them.
"COME FORTH BOY" another voice echoed.
"I'm here" is all my fearful voice could muster. I slowly moved around the rock back to the clearing where the glowing figures stood before me. It was obvious right away the men I was speaking to were something other than average men. Most obvious of which was the way they flowed against the silent trees, and the way they stood with such strength and resolve. Their armor was plated in bronze and gold- their arms strong and chiseled. One carried a great hammer- the other wore a patch on one eye.
"WHAT SAY YOU BOY?" The one with the patch shouted out- his voice ringing in my ear.
With a little more strength - I responded "I - I do not know really sir. Do you know where I am? What time and place is this?"
The two looked at each other, and the one with the hammer replied with a grin- "You are in the region of Attica- in a time that needs you. It needs a warrior like you- one that can bring order to the chaos."
"Who me?" I replied. "What do you think makes me such a candidate for this task?"
The one with the patch grinned as well, approached me and put his hand on my head. Then suddenly - the memories came flooding back- the memories of one thousand lifetimes or more- and a million struggles. I remembered who I was again, and who these men were. This time, I knew what to say. Taking the patch man's hand off my head I replied. "Oh Odin and Thor- great fathers and teachers, you have yet another task for me? When shall i be afforded the luxury of rest I pray you?"
"Your time for feasting in Valhalla will come oh Frederick. But you know your purpose- you know what you were created for- you are still an instrument- and as this instrument you must be useful." Said Odin.
"Yes," Thor interjected, "We all serve the eternal light- and all at different levels of the game. We hail from Valhalla- you shift and drift through a thousand times and places- we all are a product of the light. You as us must make war against chaos wherever it lives- we each fight in our own way. This place and time needs you now. So here- take this sword- and build another empire like those you have built before. Run this empire with an eye for justice- and a passion for knowledge as my father would."
At this we stood silently. The wind continued to push through the woods- but I was no longer cold. I remembered my purpose again. While most get to enjoy the warmth and bliss of countless ignorant lives- not knowing the structures and form of the very universe they live in- I was made different. The light forged me in a different fire. The light created me to bring order to all its many branches. The light is never ending- and flows back into itself. But as yet the light lives so does the darkness. The darkness too is never ending. It twists and winds back in on itself too. It is in balance with the light - but each of the 2 forces seeks to offset the other. Since I was born in the fire of the light - my task has always been to create order among the chaos- chaos that leads to darkness. Long and heavy is the burden I have always bared. Eternal is my fight. I never really know peace- since once I have restored peace I am cast out of that life and thrown into another. I have never known rest- since as Once the task becomes easy I am reset.
The fight has been eternal- the wars endless- my resolve unbending.
At last I spoke up to the old gods- and said to them. "Aye- I will continue the fight as I always have- here I am again to make the path right. Where should I go? Who should I be?"
Thor replied- "In this life you will be a warrior leader- your name will be Cataclysm."
"Go forth Cataclysm and protect the weak." Said Odin.
"aye old friends" I replied. "Point the way and I shall go."
"There" pointed Thor. "Head west to the region of Athens- there you will find a place to settle down and start your quest anew."
At that I nodded my head and started on my way- the two old gods whisked away behind me on an ancient many colored bridge that leads back to their home. I was alive again- in a new place and time- just like always- the same old deal. Bring order to those unable to achieve it themselves- defend those who can't defend themselves- create peace among those not able to make peace. Off I marched again- this time with the wind at my back and a fire in my heart.

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