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Title: Server 4 New (Player) Ruleset [Print this page]

Author: LordRage    Time: 2017-2-20 13:23
Title: Server 4 New (Player) Ruleset
Edited by LordRage at 2017-2-20 13:26

First I want to notate, very importantly, that this is not an offical ruleset created by game designers, this is a voluntary ruleset that the two large alliances on Server 4 are establishing.

LordRage Server 4 Ruleset:
Temporal Distortion controls the following territories:

Britain, Ireland, Vanaheim, Upper Egypt

Domination controls the following territories

Jothuheim, Asgard, Anatolia, Attica

The following territories are free for all:

Lower Egypt, Argolis, Thessaly, Boeotia, and Phocis

What this means:  no players from either alliance are to enter the other alliance’s controlled territories until near the end of season.

Since both regions have adjacent territories to Lower Egypt, lower Egypt will be a free for all area where each side can compete for cities.  In Lower Egypt, every city will be up for grabs except two cities, Khons(level 4) which will be untouchable to Domination, and Heqet (level 4 ) which will be untouchable to TD.  The purpose behind this is that if one side is winning too much, players can move to the other-side to ensure balance and play against former alliance mates. (Note: you would have to move your main city to Egypt to change alliances) other than that, every single city is up for grabs.

Competition for the center territories is permitted as well.  Whichever alliance captures and holds Delphi for two weeks will win the season (meaning that when we run out of time at the end of season, the other alliance gives up it's capital cities) and the winning alliance chooses which recruits to come in to get end of season rewards for next season.

The benefits of this system: New players can focus on growing, people interested in pvp can head to lower Egypt, or center areas to PvP.  This prevents total domination of one alliance throughout the season so that there is healthy competition, and the game doesn’t grow stagnant.  Under the FFA ruleset, alliances simply recruit the top players and competition ceases, the weaker players quit, as they don’t have a chance to grow.

Players in either alliance who violate the rules may be released from the alliance and occupied, if either alliance wishes to terminate the agreement and go back to FFA play, they should give 1 week notice. Other alliances that violate this agreement will not be assisted by Domination or TD.

Author: LordRage    Time: 2017-2-20 13:27
Posted this, so other servers can do similar things, if they feel the game is growing too one sided or stagnant.
Author: God    Time: 2017-2-20 13:37
Wooo! Sorry Lower Egypt
Author: Legendil    Time: 2017-2-20 15:05
As I posted in game (lost by now no doubt) I think this is a pretty good idea. I think we already know who the strongest alliance is, only so much fun to be had from taking/giving one sided beatings. The game has some fairly obvious flaws... a strong disincentive for anyone to actually fight is a big flaw in a war game. Hopefully these might be addressed, or become less of an issue in future if sides are more evenly balanced in future seasons.

Until then, providing some artificial balance looks like a sensible approach to keep more players active. I am inclined to leave it the the officers so sort something out that everyone can live with... it will not satisfy everyone but hey, nothing ever does. Onwards!

Author: LordRage    Time: 2017-2-20 15:15
Thanks for the feedback Legendil.
Author: Uni    Time: 2017-2-20 15:56
As a commander from the controlling alliance in Lower Egypt, I have a UNIque(ha sorry) perspective on this... It puts us in a tight spot obviously. However, since it seems like servers organically tend to go towards one alliance rule, this artificial system seems legit to me. It would just be a matter of time before we were absorbed anyways. If it saves the server and encourages people to not give up on the game then I'm for it. I, probably everyone who takes the time to look on the forums, really enjoy this game. I think it's great. So yeah, Rage props for coming up with this. I think it's actually quite genius. Let's keep doing our best to keep our sever fun and active! Thats what it's all about. And then crushing the other servers when the time comes! Much love, Uni
Author: ShadowcatX    Time: 2017-2-20 16:21
I like it. Seems fair(ish) to new players and old hats can pvp to their hearts content. Not sure about the whole "whoever controls delphi gets to select players to join them" part, but que sera sera.
Author: めぐみん    Time: 2017-2-21 08:35
Coming from Attica, I don't see how we are under the control of Domination. Raises a few concerns :/
Author: LordRage    Time: 2017-2-21 08:46
Thats between you and domination, feel free to resist, this agreement is between two major alliances, feel free to abide by it or not.
Author: Jax    Time: 2017-2-22 18:19
Why not combine the stronger players together and push Delphi sooner, like in a couple weeks?  Then whatever the time period after is until season 2, you can PVP to your hearts content.   
Author: LordRage    Time: 2017-2-23 14:28
We have no evidence that season are based soley on when Delphi is taken, and we also want competition.
Author: Bigheadnick    Time: 2017-2-24 15:21
The fact that you guys had to resort to this is unsettling and means there is a bit of work to be done by the devs to fix still a pup in this game so i cant really offer a remedy atm but i would like to know your thoughts on what the dev team can do to fix this.
Author: Jax    Time: 2017-2-25 02:34
Edited by Jax at 2017-2-25 06:15
LordRage replied at 2017-2-23 14:28
We have no evidence that season are based soley on when Delphi is taken, and we also want competitio ...

While I do benefit from this artificial ruleset, I'm not sure what competition you are looking for from Domination.  The deck is stacked in your favor and one season will not balance it out.  

Push for Delphi and all capitals to see if that accelerates the server merge.  Best case is a merge with another server with people who are just as lucky with a little money or willing to put in money.  Worse case is we divide into separate alliances to PVP amongst ourselves.  CN players say it is roughly four months per season, so we have 2 months if the season does not end shortly thenafter.

Author: Dasani    Time: 2017-3-6 09:26
I think this approach has worked very well.  It has allowed many more players to stay active, enjoy the server, and continue to grow.

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