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Title: Gairo Focus-Aoide [Print this page]

Author: Eric    Time: 2018-1-5 05:01
Title: Gairo Focus-Aoide
Edited by Eric at 2018-1-8 21:13

Aoide - The Most Powerful Support/Tank

Today we will beintroducing the Gairo Aoide who is the most powerfulSupport Gairo in Immortal Conquest in Season X.Her main skill includes two aspects: one is decreasing the damagereceived by allied troops, the other is healing all troops in her team.

Initial skill: Healing Song (command - 3 targets)
For the first 3 turns of battle, decrease damagereceived by all allied troops by 10.2% (affected by spirit) when allied Gairosreceive damage, there is a 50% chance of restoring soldiers (Recovery rate 50%affected by spirit) (at level 1) which means all damage you receive from enemy attackswill do less damage and also heal your troops. This is a command skill whichmeans it can’t be controlled so if you’re hit with chaos, silence etc, it will have noeffect on her skill she will still be able to use it. If you use Aoide, it will save you avery powerful skill called “Dodge” for you to use on a different Gairo.
Dodge is a powerfulskill that reduces damaged received by allied troops;Aoide’s skill is verysimilar to dodge but also adds healing (3targets), dodge is only 2targets.

Gairo Combination: Balor – Arthur – Aoide

This is probably the best team to use duringseason XP, this team has a lot of control and heal.

1. Shock & Spirit Punishmenton Balor fordamage output:
Shock is a really powerful attack skill that has 5 range and allows youto hit 3 targets at once, damage rate 140%. This skill will be combinedwith spirit punishment which is also a very powerful attack skill that hits 2targets and has a damage rate of 105%, but also decreases the enemy defence and spiritby 32.5% for 2 turns. If you don’t have those 2 skills, you can also use physical active skill with multi-targets.

2. Bounty & Hex on Arthur for control
Bounty allows youto increase the normal attack & spirit damage output of 2 allied Gairos by15% (affected by spirit) which means the enemy team will take more damage from yourattacks.This skill will be combined with Hex which allows you toinflict the enemy team with confusion for 2 turns; it means they willattack friend & foe& himself (normal attacks & skills). If you don’t have Hex, you can use Disturb or other control skills.

3. Enduring renewal & vigilance on Aoide for tank/heal
Enduring renewal isa powerful late battle healing skill that allows you to recover troops startingfrom 5th turn of battle with a 100% proc and a 70% recovery rate(affected by spirit).This will be combined with vigilance which allows Aoide to launchcounterattacks when she hits with normal attacks (damage rate 20%) and every timethis Gairo receives damage there is a 50% chance of decreasing damage by 25%.If you don’t have those 2 skills, you can use Return the Fire, Elite Army, Threaten etc.

The reason we combine Aoide and Arthur is because both have heal skill  (recovery rate 50% ) which can recover immediately when being attacked by the enemy, usually two skills of the same type  and effect can't be stacked, but due to the heal skill  of Aoide recovering immediately it wont clash with other skills.

Add Stats: Spirit and Some Speed

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This report will show you guys how easily this team beats s3 honey badger!

Thanks to our player Lukhu who provided us with this guide!

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