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Title: Invalid Character Bug [Print this page]

Author: Lothlorian    Time: 2017-12-21 16:11
Title: Invalid Character Bug
Im having an issue with the game currently. It's been playing fine all season, but when I logged in yesterday I find I couldnt type anything. Every attempt to use chat (writing or sharing of gairo), and attempt to build a fort or sub is met with the invalid character error message. Even when leaving the name block blank to let forts take default names, the error persists. I've only seen a few articles with this issue, and none of them have a single response from devs or players. I've already attempted a reinstall to no avail. Any insight would be helpful. Thank you.
Author: TheGoat    Time: 2017-12-22 13:48
I fixed mine by turning down the pointer speed or I guess it's the screen sensitivity. Hope this helps.

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