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Title: City Porting issues [Print this page]

Author: LordAizen187    Time: 2017-11-30 19:32
Title: City Porting issues
Server 22 , I have a alliance member who cannot port his city. It claims the capital city has been captured.  This is fucking stupid , please fix this retarded issue. Also we all should be able to port our sub cities, this is also beyond stupid. This is a must , this is a game crippler , cannot for any reason.
Author: Morpheus    Time: 2017-12-1 14:06
This is due to a kingdom and is part of the game mechanics. You can't port to those locations if you are not in the alliance who captured that kingdom. This is to avoid it being way to easy to invade.
Author: LordAizen187    Time: 2017-12-7 15:52
If the alliance member is in the same region, and needs to port to another spot in same region , there should be no limiters for no reason, it is war game, you do not favor a alliance just because they take a city or capital city that is stupid.

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