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Title: Award List Of Event [Print this page]

Author: Sepsnow    Time: 2017-2-8 02:47
Title: Award List Of Event
Dear Lord,

Award list is as follows:

Event 1: Show gairo combination
Award: Join in Package (send via  game mail )

forumIDforum nicknameservernicknamegame ID
934WarpFiend5Warp Fiend709170005
889Bobafettm4Bobafettm 480390004
133Ooidal2Ooidal 261500002
133Ooidal3GáeBulg 261500003

Event 2: Share game strategies
Award: 10$ Amazon gift voucher( send via forum PM)

forumIDforum nicknameservernicknamegame ID

Event 3: Show screenshots of gairo summon
Award: Brave Lord Gift Package or Attracive Lord Gift Package( send via game mail)
forumIDforum nicknameservernicknamegame IDaward
857Felgor3Felgor357920003Attractive Lord Gift Package
881RagstoGlitches4RagsToGlitches458760004Attractive Lord Gift Package
883Bui4Bui491690004Attractive Lord Gift Package
887LordRage4LordRage507150004Attractive Lord Gift Package
888Tovock4Tovock507670004Brave Lord Gift Package
892RedGuard4RedGuard545690004Attractive Lord Gift Package
907Anticupid4Anticupid467240004Attractive Lord Gift Package
889Bobafettm4Bobafettm 480390004Attractive Lord Gift Package
920Supermanki323Fondlewater351410003Attractive Lord Gift Package
922Collodi3Collodi403700003Attractive Lord Gift Package
861TotalNutter31TotalNutter349050003Attractive Lord Gift Package
941Jax4Zx577470004Attractive Lord Gift Package
60Angiebaby11001NailPolishLover10210001Attractive Lord Gift Package
953Jello5Jello554640005Attractive Lord Gift Package
860Boomerang3Boomerang359440003Attractive Lord Gift Package
960Reisling5Reisling417730005Attractive Lord Gift Package
934WarpFiend5Warp Fiend709170005Brave Lord Gift Package
979Jimmer4Jimmer527780004Attractive Lord Gift Package
977ShadowcatX5ShadowcatX846480005Attractive Lord Gift Package

Author: God    Time: 2017-2-8 09:36
Congratulations to all!
Author: Jello    Time: 2017-2-8 10:59
Nice I like how they post all who participated in the event! Btw the rewards for Event 1 and 3 were 50 and 100 gems, don't know which was for which if anyone was curious.
Author: Collodi    Time: 2017-2-8 17:18
great job everyone who joined in! I hope there are more of these. Now that we see the awards I know I'm even more motivated to participate :)
Author: Felgor    Time: 2017-2-19 13:26
Thank you!!!

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