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Title: Thanatos guide [Print this page]

Author: Morpheus    Time: 2017-11-21 20:31
Title: Thanatos guide
Edited by Morpheus at 2017-11-21 20:45

Note beforehand: This guide is purely based on my personal experiences and experiences of other clanmember. This is not the only way to build Thanatos. If you might have another way of using him please do. And add it in the comments so others can benefit.

Thanatos the vampire tank

Thanatos like the title says is member of a select elite family of vampires/berserkers how I like to call them. These  gairos (other examples: Fenrir, Jason) use their attack power to restore lost soldiers. Not only does this allow you to use a completely different front build. You can use skills you would never use on any other gairo.

Main skill : Thunderbolt

As you can see his main skill does 2 things. He decreases your damage received by spirit AND normal attacks and he heals by normal attack damage output.
A common question I get asked is this one: "Do active attack skills heal himself?"
The answer to this question is: yes, of course. His main heals every instance of normal attack damage be it: counterattacks (return the fire) normal attacks (repeated attack) chase skills (trail) and active damage skills (stored power), however he does not heal with any spirit based skills so be warned. Seeing as Thanatos  his decrease in damage received is affected by his defense. Do not go full attack on him. Allocate his points evenly between attack and defense. This will yield you the best results.

Secondary / Tertiary skills
In the main image you see my personal skill build.
I told you all earlier. Thanatos can use skills not many other gairos can use. This is what I mean. Reckless Strike (dismantled from epic Ammit and Tyr) and Disaster (dismantled from epic Minotaur and Tydeus) both lose soldiers when the skill goes off.  With most gairos this is not efficient you want your tank to soak up damage not lose soldiers.  Thanatos and other vampire gairos however benefit due to the massive amount of damage your gairo will produce. In various tests Thanatos heals up thrice the amount he loses so you will not notice the losses. Disasters secondary feature is the buff to his defence which makes it the primary used skill on him. You want to try to obtain this skill as soon as you can.

This is not the only way to build him though.  These are examples of builds of fellow Alliance members: credits to Ayhja for the pictures.

These are just some of the many options you have (every skill and its use can be found in the skills database)
Options I have tried and deemed worth to be a replacement for reckless strike : Charge and stored power.

There is one thing you should never build on Thanatos that is commonly used: Return the fire.
This gairo has a range of 1 making him only counter the front (mostly a low damage tank). This is extremely counterproductive. I would strongly advise against using this skill.

Potential gairo combinations and placement

The answer is in part quite simple. You can basically throw him in any team and he will work just fine.  There are however a few things that will make him just that tiny tad better.  Every gairo has a realm and a class. Thanatos is from the realm Olympus and uses cavalry. The ideal scenario is to combine the class and realm as much as possible. Your bonusses will increase alot because of it. Another thing to keep in mind. Never put him anywhere but as a front. Your team will not work with him anywhere else, again due to his limited range.
These are all possible team buildups. Again I advise you to experiment yourself there is no ideal build. The build at the top is what I use at the moment but this will change soon.

There is a common trend in these builds: Thanatos as your primary tank and mediocore damage dealer . A high damage dealer or controller
Finally in the rear mostly a spirit damage dealer. This is a base you will use in most of your teambuilding not only with this gairo.

Converting class
A quite new feature of Immortal conquest is the ability to convert your class. For a measly 10 epic gairos of your choosing (gulp!)  You can change the basic attributes of your  gairo. In this case you only have 1 option: Heavy cavalry.
Heavy cavalry will reduce your losses significantly, whilst light cavalry will increase your damage.  This might seem like a possible alternative, but his losses will increase to fast. You will not be able to restore them all so light cavalry is in my opinion not a good fit.

Alternative way to obtain him
Most players are probably aware but high order summons is not the only way to obtain this gairo. After your olympus temple has reached level 5 you have the ability to draw 5 cards from the olympus 2 card pack daily with gold. I highly suggest you do this. I received mine in this manner. It will look like this:

Dismantle: Mortal combo

You are probably wondering, do I need this skill or can I use this wonderful gairo. I can not answer this for you sadly. Mortal combo is a must have skill and in my opinion one of the best legendary skills in the game. The good news is you will need it the most in season 2.  Did your alliance conquer delphi. Rejoice! You have the ability to get SP ymir which gives Mortal combo. If you do not want to get rid of Thanatos, did not get a duplicate or just can't get enough of his hair this is your best way of getting the skill. The choice is yours!

Acknowledgements and personal opinion
Thanatos is and will stay one of my favorite gairo in the game. He brings so much to the table and is therefore in my number 1 team. A must have!
I would finally like to thank Ayhja, my alliance members  and Lukhu for providing testing and some of the images. If there are any questions or if you see any improvements to this guide do not hesitate to comment or personal message me. I will get back to you as soon as I can.  

Bring forth the glory of the god of death on the battlefield players!

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Author: Morpheus    Time: 2017-12-17 08:15
He is one of the most used olympus tanks for a reason :D thanks Quest!
Author: LORD_AUSAR    Time: 2018-2-19 12:19
I use thanatos in my main army and this really helped me understand his fighting style better, thank you
Author: LORD_AUSAR    Time: 2018-2-19 12:21
These arent the current skill setup for them, all are lvl 10 now and mid and front have thunder and charge[attach]undefined[/attach]
Author: Morpheus    Time: 2018-2-20 19:25
Is he working out well?

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