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Author: Jayveon    Time: 2017-2-5 21:17
Title: Advanced Guide
Edited by Jayveon at 2017-2-5 21:31

Guide to Subcities

Each subcity has additional armies and resource bonuses. You will need them for Stargazing Platform which adds +600 Fame Limit per upgrade. I built them while attacking level 4 or land. If you do not build them during the time frame you will be progression locked. Additional quests offer lots of fame and if you’re capped, you won’t be able to capture more land. Maximum land is as you pretentiously know the formula (fame x 0.01 + 20). Army information is below so please read before assigning your 3* cards.

I have 4 subcities and I will explain why.

The first two I have close to my city – one above and one below. In the unfortunate event that someone attacks me, I potentially will have up to 15 armies close by to attack or defend my main city. I focus mostly on resource infrastructure. These will also serve as harvesters to get resources or attack bandits for the daily quests.
The next are for the special unlocked buildings available with level 6+ tiles are in the center of the 3x3 square. Harvesting bonuses are available when a particular resource collector is max but is fairly expensive and time involved without 20 gems. Instead own the 3x3 land around it for a bonus here then harvest from the Subcity with Lab.

Level 6 land offers Tax Increase which adds up to 60% city tax. I focused on Military Governor’s Office, House, and Warehouse upgrades for taxes.

Level 7 offers Laboratory which increases resource production by 50%! This is where all resource upgrades went. A subcity’s infrastructure max resource production is a total of 21,400 resources. That means the laboratory adds 10,700. That means your subcity is now producing over 3,500 a tile making it way more valuable than level 9 lots. Think of this subcity more of a resource camp/trainer so try to build it reasonable close to level 9 land and receive 30% resource bonus harvesting and training exp. I use a barrack to level up one level 1 troop to level 22 in no time.

Level 8 offers Towers (which increase the field of view of city). I do not know much about this. From what I guess it is additional alert time.  If it is like other bonuses, I suppose it would be a 30 minute alert if enemies attack. This one will be as close as possible to my main city for advance notice and focused more on defense of the building.

Level 9 offers Taverns. This will speed up stamina regeneration which is 12 stamina every hour. I do not have this one yet so I’ll speculate it would be 18 every hour. This would be a good subcity for groups that are active so it would 2 groups that can make paths for me and 3 groups for kill squads. This upgrade will focus on army stat bonuses.

Author: Jayveon    Time: 2017-2-5 21:17
Edited by Jayveon at 2017-2-5 21:19


Infrastructure can be upgraded two at a time. 2,000 Gold for another, and 4,000 then 8,000 for more. Whenever I am upgrading something that takes a long time, I will add that to the third or fourth queue. I can use the two free ones to upgrade things that are fast. I mentioned which infrastructure to focus above.
You’ll want to eventually get Level 1 Chief God Statue so you won’t have a PacMan base with a missing tile. Also, Level 4 Stargazing Platform will add up to +2400 Fame. Level 5 is really expensive and having 5 cities with level 4 Stargazing Platform is plenty.

Resource production upgrades after level 15 can be quite expensive. After factoring the resource cost to upgrade it, it can take over a week to start having a benefit of it upgraded. This is more for the level 6 land for the bonus.

Army interaction upgrades are focusing on level 5 Recruitment Office, max Drill Grounds, max Front Barracks, at least +5 in each Stat Camp, while continually upgrading barracks as soon as possible and as often as possible. You will at least want to upgrade the designated army’s temple. Having it maximum will help with conscription time. Since I am usually running a barrack upgrade, it’s better than maxing Recruitment Hall because conscription time isn’t a big deal.

Author: Jayveon    Time: 2017-2-5 21:18
Edited by Jayveon at 2017-2-5 21:21


Each subcity can hold up to five Drills (aka groups) and three Barracks (aka armies) so a total of 15 troops. If you have five cities, surely one of the 75 cards you can play will be a Hecate. There are multiple combinations so it’s hard to say which is “the best” group for every interaction but I’ll be general about it. Using similar realms for each subcity is strongly recommended for the max realm bonus. Also, it will make reconfiguring your army between different combinations easy.

Kill Combination – These are the ones that have realm, title, and type bonus and are 4* or 5*. I treat them good with skills, skill upgrades, and smart choices of stat upgrades (pretty much max defense in front, max attack if they hit hard, max spirit if they cast, and speed if they are slow).

The Cavalry! – These are the pony guys coming in to save the day defending your alliance or speeding through making a path to that level 9 land before Becky who already stole a fort you were working on getting. Using level 20 cards with plenty of troops you can even make a path through level 5 land, or level 6 land if you’re using the recommended 2 armies.

SIEGE – 3+ Rear / 2+ Center / +1 Front army formation does not apply here.  This means instead of a balanced 3/2/1 army it is a 1/2/1. The front two can attack and the third sits back and still uses siege. These armies you will focus on the various siege increasing skills and upgrading them. When picking I look for high siege and high siege growth, max 3/3 or the single star rares and legendaries with siege potential.  A well rested army has 200 Stamina / 20 Attack Use = 10 Attacks. The guards inside a level 7 city were around level 2 with 4500 troops making them not a threat to your troops so focus on speed stat increases. Also, don’t ignore extremely fast archers with low siege since there is an archer siege skill. Keep in mind the city can fall before all your ten attacks. Fast archers at 70 siege that get 10 attacks are better than slow 200 siege groups that get three attacks in.
Those are the main three. I keep a group open on the level 6 land. If I have a level 1 card I want to level, I put him in the barrack, train 3 times on level 9 land, and then the now level 22 card goes in the ideal group.

Leveling them is fairly simple. The majority of the groups I make of the level 20 3/3 cards win level 5 land when exploring. They get to 22 fairly quickly although can be expensive after conscripting. Some combinations will end in a draw and defeat. After crying over the conscription cost, send them back with backup. It gets easier with being able to attempt more land before conscription. When the experience gets low, send in waves to level 6 land, and so on and so forth to higher lands. Level 6 land I had consistent experience winning both challenges on level 6 land.

Author: Jayveon    Time: 2017-2-5 21:18
Thank you for reading and constructive criticisms help with the learning process. I did not see specifics of goals to achieve in the game so I hope it helps build your empire. If you’re building on Server 2, join us at Warlords! This should help with using armies in subcities, what to upgrade, and has general information throughout so please don’t use it against me, Jayveon. Thanks to my alliance Warlords for their help.
Author: greyphoenix    Time: 2017-2-6 02:02
Good thread, I have the same structure.  you might also wanna add the following.  I particularly like idea of lvl7 subcities surrounded by lvl9 tiles.

* All subcities after the 2nd one must be on lvl6 or higher tiles..  no point wasting subcities without tile bonuses.

* Build 3rd and more subcities near other system cities/passes.  because, your allies/alliance members are bound to have forts near those areas, and you dont want to lose your resources even if one of them is attacked.

* Try to build subcities from 3rd one far away from main city.  and spread apart.  you dont want to lose res production.

* I suggest 3rd and 4th subcity on lvl6 land.  4th and 5th on lvl7 land.  

* 7th and beyond on lvl9 land.   At this point you should be nearing alliance battles, and these cities must be such that you can reach the main city of the 'whole map' within 300 spaces of these cities.  Move all your main army to these..

Question : if i build a subcity on lvl6 land, and move my main city on it.  can i build a bank on my main city after it is moved?
Author: Jayveon    Time: 2017-2-6 03:41
Thanks, that is good info I will try to edit in greyphoenix.

I have not moved my city so cannot say for sure. I'd just hate to risk it for the special building. People claim information and I later find out it's wrong so be skeptical.
Author: God    Time: 2017-2-6 09:24
When moving main city to a sub city that has been built on a level 6 land or higher, special buildings will not me retained.
Author: greyphoenix    Time: 2017-2-6 11:11
God replied at 2017-2-6 09:24
When moving main city to a sub city that has been built on a level 6 land or higher, special buildin ...

thanks dude.  2 ppl have told me that so far.  At some point, I expect to move my main city.  So was just wondering.

Author: ShadowcatX    Time: 2017-2-6 11:11
When do you recommend that people start making subcities? Early on? Once they can take high level land?
Author: God    Time: 2017-2-6 13:48
It is recommended to not build a subcity until you have adequate amount of resource production to sustain both city growth and troop conscription. It is up to your discretion to choose when you are ready for that commitment.
Author: Jayveon    Time: 2017-2-6 15:35
ShadowcatX ideally every subcity should be built on level 6+ land for the additional feature. The best time to do it is when you have plenty of resources like God said and/or you're approaching fame cap. It takes a bit of unlocking to get so plan accordingly. I built mine while I was doing level 4 or 5 land and the fame cap was coming close. If you don't have 4* or 5* cards to make groups in your first subcity, don't really worry about army infrastructure but focus on resource collection. You'll need a good steady supply of resources for conscription battling higher level land.
Author: Odyoso    Time: 2017-2-6 16:21
thx for tips

Author: ShadowcatX    Time: 2017-2-6 16:39
Thank you both. I'm currently taking 5s and 6s (can take 7s, but at high cost). I've already built my first sub, and am using it for small armies to clear pathways to good resources and to bring in resources itself. Sounds like I'm heading in the right direction.
Author: greyphoenix    Time: 2017-2-6 22:53
ShadowcatX replied at 2017-2-6 11:11
When do you recommend that people start making subcities? Early on? Once they can take high level la ...

I built my first few cities everytime i hit the fame markers.  i think 7.5k, 9k, 10.5k, 12k etc.. I stopped at 13.5k because i needed to build stargazing platform for increasing my fame limits..

cities are good, and help with resources.  build them whenever you can.  
- At lvl10 res buildings give you 2000res per hr.  so 8000k per hr or about 880 per square.  as good as owning 9 lvl4 land.  
- At lvl20, its about 21000res per hr (combined) about 2500 per square.  better than owning 9 lvl9 squares.

Author: ShadowcatX    Time: 2017-2-7 09:56
greyphoenix replied at 2017-2-6 22:53
I built my first few cities everytime i hit the fame markers.  i think 7.5k, 9k, 10.5k, 12k etc..  ...

The problem with that is that there is a non-zero cost to building all the resources up to 20 and a limited time during which you can take advantage of the resource generation.

For example, if you produce 400 resources / square more than a level 9 square, but it takes longer than you have left for the 400/square to pay off the cost of building 1 - 20 than you have remaining in the season, should you build it or should you capture level 9 squares?

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