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Author: Hannibal    Time: 2017-11-12 22:47
Title: Title Bonus - Gods Of The Sky
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In my opinion it seems that title bonus gairo dont get enough recognition other than Kings Speed. So I want to focus on the title bonus group I have been testing known as Gods Of the Sky (Uranus, Selene, Hyperion). As seen in the image above this Titan gairo group has very good speed +28 attack bonus and the ability to siege which is essential in caiming lands and sieging enemy tiles in a PVP scenario. A very versatile team with an overpowering offense and great control with the right skills. At first glance most seasoned members would cringe at the idea of hyperion in the front position due to his very low spirit  but i will explain later in my breakdown of Hyperion why it is not a bad idea.


It is easy to see why Hyperion is a 3.5 cost gairo, his stats and range make him a phenominal physical damage dealer and taker. His main skill Sunlight deals massive damage (damage rate 275% at lvl 10) against a single enemy inflicting them chaos unable to cast active skills or attack for 2 turns. Hyperion utilizing Sunlight can easily perform crowd control and distribute massive damage at the same time. His down fall is a low spirit stat which makes him crumble when hit by spirit damage gairos active skills such as Thor and Hades. To get the most survivabilty while minamizing damage taken out of Hyperion he must be class converted to Calvary Archer. As a Calvary Archer Hyperion gains immunity to the first 2 instances of damage, gets a reduction of damage from chase based skills and gains the ability to learn archer class only skills. Having your Steel Camp maxed out also give Hyperion immunity from a additional instance of damage for a total of 3. Stored Power( single target 300%) or Defeating ( 2 target 180%)is a must have on Hyperion. Defeating is prefered over Stored Power due to it hitting 2 enemy gairo both can be used as 2nd and 3rd skills unless you have Atlas's dissamtle skill Prosperity. Prosperity will allow Hyperion to recover solders each turn at a rate of 90.00% with a 30% chance to restore an additional 166.66% as a lvl 1 skill not maxed. With sunlight defeating and prosperity Hyperion will overcome his weakness to spirit based attacks. With Selene covering his rear Hyperion will be able to light off like the 4th of July.


Selene is the most important gairo in this group and with her high speed she will out speed a good majority of gairos. She is here purely for her crowd control ability. Selene's main skill Luna's Fairyland confuses the enemy for 3 turns causing 2 enemies to attack friend and foe. It also lowers the enemies def by 29 affected by spirit. With that being said loading her attribute points into spirit is a good idea. With the spirit she has in the image above she is able to lower a enemies def by 53.4. That will help Hyperion and Uranus distribute additional damage especially to Spirit Attack gairos due to very few of them having good def stat. Intermeadiate Confusion is a great skill to use with this team. Inflicts silence on the first turn denying all enemies the use active skills. For the first 3 turns greatly lowers damage delt by all enmey active skills by 94%. Intermeadiate Confusion for the first 3 turns gives your gairo ample time to cast any prep active skill and establish control early game which is crucial. Next skill should be another control skill that inflicts chaos. In the image above i chose to use Lightning to get spirit damage and 1 turn chaos proc out of her but would not use any prolonged chaos skills( chaos is counter productive against confusion). Promoting Selene should be based off of what role you want her to play I will dive more deep into this in the DAMAGE VS CROWD CONTROL section. Selene with these skills has the ability to control the enemy team into a coma rendering them useless. Hyperion and Uranus will be able to clean house while she pulls the strings.


Just like Hyperion Uranus main contribution to the team should be damage based. With all skill stats in atk and the +28 atk bonus Uranus will hit anything hard. Promoting Uranus to javeliner is best and will increase his damage output by 10%. His main skill Strength of Titan procs after the 3rd turn until the end of battle. It increases his range by 1 and gains split forces effect causing damage to adjacent allies(70%) after a normal attack. Also it causes unavoidable panic damage (70%) until the end of the battle. If uranus hits the mid gairo the front and rear will take split forces damage and panic damage. With the added points in atk + the 28 atk bonus Uranus damage output will stak up quickly. As you can see in the image below damage from panic alone hit three gairos and did a total of 776 damage. The spllit forces damage will always be the same as panic damage. You can see how quickly that damage wil begin to add up each turn. It is common to see Uranus with Repeated Attack and Trail. Repeated Attack gives him an additional normal attack and really allows him to exploit his main skill dishing out more split forces damage. Trail is a great chase skill but blockade works better with the group due to its secondary effect of puting the target in chaos status.

Another Way to build him would be utilizing defeating and Flying Arrows. Flying Arrows is Defeating on Steriods hitting all enemies and randomly decreasing a single enemies attack by 90%. With him rear and his overall bulk he is free to dish out 10K plus damage if Hyperion doesnt reach 10K damage first. Due to them both being high damage dealers they will compete for the lives of the enemy troops. For this team damage really depends on the enemies troop size (S2 NPC troop can contain 60k troops).  The images below are from a S2 battle report from on a lvl 7 tile encounter.

You will notice more and less damage depending on the amount of troops and overall build of the enemy troop. With crowd control help from Selene, Uranus and Hyperion will output good damage and take less.


Now the fun part begins. Putting the team to the test i decided to hit a S2 lvl 9 tile with Uranus; Defeating, Flying Arrows Selene; Lightning, Int Confusion Hyperion; Defeating, Stored Power. Int Confusion really helped Hyperion get alot of damage off but no matter how much damage the team compiled they rarely reached a draw. I took me changing Selene's Skills to realize Int Confusion helped Hyperion most. I ended up replacing Int Confusion with Labyrinth going for a bit more confusion control and then the team became consistant.

At first glance i was pretty impressed archers weakness is infantry so for the team to draw that team it told me alot. Hyperion really didnt contribute as much because the mid and rear gairo are heavy spirit damage. All together the troop put up 19,682 damage and self inflicted damage to the enemy troop from confusion was 3,748. Hit a couple more lvl 9 tiles same thing either drawing on the first troop or second troop. Took it a step further and tested the team using Drill Extreme Hard II.

Outnumber by 6k against a  specialty NPC team I first noticed again the low damage output. Totally the team put up 11,958 damage and self inflicted damage to the enemy troop from confusion was 9,494. Hyperion again very low damage output unlike the image in the Uranus section due to the spirit damage based set up of Prometheus and lack of Int Confusion. Overall running this team for crowd control is a good idea and based off the data could benefit from replacing Hyperion with a actual tank like Prometheus.


This group is very versatile and can perfrom a broad range of tasks due to its speed CC capabilies and damage output. In S2 PVP scernarios having a quick dispersable team that can gaurd taget or attack target is paramount. Cavalry teams exel in speed but lack the siege ability that is neccessary to make ground on the enemy alliance. Archer teams have the siege but not the speed to arrive in time. It is essential to have a team that can perform all roles quickly. As a CC team I have found this team very effecient at making gains on the enemy  pathing towards forts and destroying gaurds along the way. All in all a good title group in my opion with alot of potiential and room for improvement.

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