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Title: [Immortal Foundry] Analysis of legendary skill – Threaten! [Print this page]

Author: Esqueleto    Time: 2017-11-9 06:30
Title: [Immortal Foundry] Analysis of legendary skill – Threaten!
How to obtain skill: Threaten can be dismantled from Legendary Gairo Osiris(Egyptian) & Freyr(Nordic).

Epic Titan Gairo are used to complete the research.

Introduction: Threaten is without question one of the best skills in Immortal Conquest, and a must have skill for any serious player. In my opinion this is the single best learnable skill in the game. For newer IC players, I highly recommending researching immediately after summoning either Osiris or Freyr. For experienced players, threaten can be used to take one of your teams to the elite level.

Basic mechanics: Threaten is a command skill with range 4 that targets 2 enemy Gairo and has a high chance(90% at level 10) to inflict cowardice. Cowardice is a powerful control effect that stops a gairo from launching normal attacks, and thus, chase skills. Threaten is a command skill, which means the cowardice effect applies as a prep in the pre-battle round. The cowardice prep applies for the first 3 turns of battle. This may not seem like a lot in an 8 round fight, but remember most damage is done in the first 3 rounds so stopping normal attacks early is a huge advantage. The pre-battle prep and the 90% chance of effectiveness makes threaten nearly impossible for the enemy to stop.


Threaten’s chance of effectively inflicting cowardice increases by 5% with each level up. It is very important to focus skill points into leveling this skill as soon as possible. Some skills, like damage skills, don’t give much better from one level to the next. Threaten on the other hand gets immensely better from level 1 to level 10, going from 45% at level 1 to 90% at level 10!

Without question, Threaten must be placed in either the FRONT or the MIDDLE position

It’s is imperative that the control effect be able to apply to the REAR Gairo of the enemy troop. Most teams are built with a basic layout of: Tank in front, Support in middle, and Damage in rear. For Threaten, with a range of 4, to be able to hit the rear spot(usually the damage dealer) it CANNOT be on your rear gairo. For optimal results, place Threaten on either your front or middle Gairo. When you face Ares with Mortal Combo/ Trail in the rear spot you will thank me later ;)

Application: Since Threaten is a command skill, the cowardice effect preps on 2 Gairo in the pre-battle round of a fight. With Threaten on your front or middle Gairo spot it will randomly apply to 2/3 enemy Gairo. If you make the mistake of equipping on your rear Gairo it will always apply to their front/middle gairo. Which enemies Threaten applies to can have a huge impact on a battle, and sometimes you may get unlucky.

Here Threaten applies to Ra and Anubis, but not Heracles who’s equipped with Mortal Combo. This is unlucky for me, as Mortal Combo gives Heracles the ability to launch two normal attacks for the first 2 rounds of battle. With the addition of Line Formation, Heracles can do massive damage with two normal attacks in round 1 and 2. If Threaten were to hit Heracles, I would have a 9/10 chance to stop his normal attacks for rounds 1-3, thus rendering his skill Mortal Combo useless. Although Threaten didn’t trigger on Heracles, it still prevented Anubis and Ra from doing normal attacks the first 3 rounds. This damage prevention had a huge effect on the outcome of the battle.

The enemy team with Line Formation and Crackdown can do serious damage in the first 3 rounds through  normal attacks! Most great teams are designed to prevent damage in early rounds while maximizing damage output early. Threaten gives you the ability to prevent huge damage early.

Although I was unlucky and didn’t hit the big fish Heracles with Threaten, I was able to shut down Ra and Anubis and get the victory!

Team building:
Once Threaten has been researched it needs to be added to a team and leveled up right away. If you are in a season 2+ and starting with skills, I highly recommend Threaten as one of the first skills you use. Threaten is especially effective in the early stages of a server. It will allow you to take lands with little to no losses, helping you to grow faster. Do NOT use with Anubis, Gigantes, Malevolence, or any other Gairo/Skill that has cowardice as a pre-battle effect. Pre-baffle effects do not stack and you will be wasting the skill. (Side note- I highly recommend using Anubis to start a season if you are able, as his initial skill is almost like a built in Threaten). I recommend using Threaten on a team you want to perform well in both PvE and PvP situations. I think the only team I would recommend NOT using Threaten on would be an Arthur team. He heals off all attacks and it’s better to mitigate the damage than it is to stop it all together.

Currently I run Threaten on my Nordic Cav team and absolutely love it. It allows Ymir and Thor enough time to drop active nukes and to crush archer Line teams and double attack cav teams, not to mention Arthur heal squads (Sorry Hero

Author: Morpheus    Time: 2017-11-9 18:46
Amazing guide! I am a huge cleave team user I mostly destroy teams till I hit a threaten and then I get destroyed. It is a very powerful skill and a thorn in my eye haha
Author: Master-Ionia    Time: 2017-11-10 17:14
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Author: Uni    Time: 2017-12-15 01:56
This guide gets cut off before the conclusion! Not sure if you can edit the post to add the rest ?
Author: fonuxe    Time: 2019-12-27 01:11
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