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Title: 4-Star Nordic Gairo Recommendations | Player’s Guide [Print this page]

Author: Esqueleto    Time: 2017-2-1 04:01
Title: 4-Star Nordic Gairo Recommendations | Player’s Guide
No. 4: Hel

Gairo Advice:
Has powerful command-type control skills. Pair with powerful output or control skills to make her more effective. However, she has a range of 1 and attribute growth is low, so it's necessary to pair with a PK Gairo with a powerful damage output.

No. 3: Ve

Gairo Advice:
Powerful physical damage output. Due to its skill low probability its damage output is not very stable. However he can still deal a decent output every round.

No. 2: Forseti

Gairo Advice:
Nordic Realm has few Gairo with a range of 3. His main skill has very strong control abilities, when paired with Lightning, Labyrinth or other control skills, has amazing effects.

No. 1: Baldur

Gairo Advice:
Has a good attribute growth and Oath of Light is a good control skill to limit enemies physical normal attacks (except when the enemy has the skill Threaten). As an outstanding Front position Gairo you can further strengthen his control skill or use Armor Penetration or other skills to strengthen damage output.

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