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Title: Server 7 [Print this page]

Author: V1V    Time: 2017-1-30 20:47
Title: Server 7
When is server 7 going to be released??

(Vote hopefully to get it released sooner or later?? Get the mods to see this!!)

Author: God    Time: 2017-1-30 22:08
Edited by God at 2017-1-30 22:16

Absolutely not, frequest server releases destroys the previous servers influx of players. The game isn't that popular yet to afford releasing servers this quickly.
Author: LordRage    Time: 2017-1-31 09:37
Exactly what God said, these just siphon players off previous worlds making it that much more dull for players already in game.
Author: Collodi    Time: 2017-1-31 22:33
I agree, there is already too much in the game which decreases competition, and opening servers too fast is the worst. It would be nice if the alliance topped out WAY lower than they do. I'm finding with 150 alliance members, it's just a swarm-fest to take cities, and doesn't push competition since basically all the top players can join 2-3 guilds now and there is plenty of cities and lands for them.
Author: Titan    Time: 2017-2-6 01:45
I Agree. Even server 6, many players are no longer active already.

There needs to be a way to replenish populations on older servers

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