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Title: Proposal for new ranking system [Print this page]

Author: God    Time: 2017-1-30 01:04
Title: Proposal for new ranking system
Evidently, it has been brought to our attention (Bobafett and LordRage) that the ranking system is a bit flawed in a sense that the top players could someday end in a tie, which doesn't sit well for many people. I will be proposing different options and ideas that are meant to fix this and better the gameplay indefinitely. All ideas are originally mine but do not require written consent if you wish to use any of the ideas just so long as my name is on it and I am tagged.


-Influence is currently the defining factor that determines ones rank on the leader boards. Currently, when taking different leveled lands the influence gain is as follows:
   Level 1 land: +3 Influence
   Level 2 land: +9 Influence
   Level 3 land: +19 Influence
   Level 4 land: +37 Influence
   Level 5 land: +158 Influence
   Level 6 land: +197 Influence
   Level 7 land: +237 Influence
   Level 8 land: +280 Influence
   Level 9 land: +325 Influence

With this being said, influence being the statistic that proves might on the leaderboard based on difficulty of land would seem perfectly ideal and reasonable. I for one don't neccessarily disagree with this, but it has one major flaw to its mechanics. The fame system.


-Fame is the statistic that determines how much land you may posses at one time, for every 100 fame you may have +1 territory to control. Fame is passively generated +1 every 5 minutes (offline and online) and can be acquired through quests.

Now, this seems good and all at first glance, but the issue isn't the fame itself. It is the fame cap that was set. As you start, your fame cap will be a maximum of 15000. When you build your city up and are able to acquire a staregazing platform, your fame cap increases in limit. Stargazing platform can be built in subcities as well, but in the end you may only have up to 9 subcities besides your main city. This proves to limit the amount of territory one player may have, regardless of how big that cap is, at a time there will be players who do reach said limit and the inevitable tie will appear.

The Proposals

Here I will be listing my proposed Ideas on how to fix this dilemma of sorts, there will be different catagories as I discuss and explain each proposal and its pros/cons.

Author: God    Time: 2017-1-30 01:04
Team Power

- When setting up a line of Gairos, ex. Gaia/Cronus/Prometheus, There will be a number of values to consider that could potentially add to your overall ranking power. For the sake of conveniency, lets reffer to the statistic that determines ranking as "Influence".

Team Power consists of several different factors which would be compiled into a single unit known as "Influence". Teams can gain more "Influence" by doing several things such as:

1.) Matching Gairo Realms and Types
    - There should be a bonus to influence a team provides to your rank based on whether or not the Gairo realms/type match, making it harder to find a suitable team that fits both your play style and allows you to increase your "Influence" output of the team
    - This bonus can be determined from its stat bonuses given to the team shown in the picture below.

    - These bonuses increase their natural stats by said percentage, which would in turn increase the amount of "Influence" that team has.

2.) Rarity of Gairo/ Power of gairo
    - The rarity of a Gairo (3 star, 4 star, etc.) also aids in the adding of "Influence" a Gairo team may give. Naturally, the rarer the Gairo the stronger the base stats and scaling stats will be. Also, the rarer the Gairo, the more power is given to the team which in turn gives more "Influence". This has some pros and some cons.


- Allows players to visually see how powerful their team is in numbers that they can compare with others, rather than relying on reports to compare and contrast the strength of their armies.
- Gives infinite possibilites to combinations that give slight advantages over others, some may have a skill set combo that completely counters another yet their "Influence" as a team could be the same.
- "Influence" is gained per Gairo group used, meaning it is possible to have 10 sets of 5 groups that increase "Influence"


- There will be very META based combos
- Wallet warrior will become very real (Super Con!)
- Numbers can and will be decieving at times, just because your Gairo group may have more "Influence" than another, doesn't always mean yours will win. Skill combos and Gairo types make all the difference.

A major factor in this game that attracts people is the fact that it ISN'T a wallet warrior game, that even if you do end up spending money to support the game, the advantages aren't overwhelming to the point where it makes it impossible to compete against. It is very possible to compete against a wallet warior in this game, which makes it infinitely better than most.

3.) Gairo Levels/Skills

This is where the most things matter when setting up a Gairo team for maximum "Influence" output. The higher level the Gairo the more it increases its "Influence". Of course there is a maximum level of 50 already in place, meaning that Gairo's can only provide so much Influence from Levels alone. This is where skills become involved. All skills should have a set amount of " Influence" they provide to the Gairo they are attatched to. For example, a bronze skill would provide 13 influence at level 1, increasing 7 every level until it is maxed for a total of 76 influence gain just by adding that skill to a Gairo and maxing its level. This way skills give a flat influence bonus based on its type, meaning you could have 2 different type of gold skills where one heals and other damages, but regardless of their active effect they provide the same Influence amount. This allows for skills to not to become too meta, where some skills would give more influence based on who it is put on. Although, some skill will naturally do better on some Gairos than others. It's your job as a player to figure out your best combo.

4.) Veterancy Points

I will be blunt, this is porbably the most game changing mechanic I have to offer. It allows for infinite scaling and pushes towards always finding the best gairo group to farm these up.
Veterancy Points are earned through a land system, where each land you successfully take or explore gains veterancy points. I have made a suggested Veterancy to Influence conversion that is both acceptable and realistic in terms of proper growth and worthwhile persuit for these points.

Land 1 Capture/Explore: 9-17 points [based on Gairo level and difficulty of land (Calculated by distanced modifier %+difference in army size)
Land 2 Capture/Explore: 21-84 points
Land 3 Capture/Explore: 117-338 points
Land 4 Capture/Explore: 412-691 points
Land 5 Capture/Explore: 1112-3257 points
Land 6 Capture/Explore: 4945-9036 points
Land 7 Capture/Explore: 10091-17244 points
Land 8 Capture/Explore: 18193-22313 points
Land 9 Capture/Explore: 30000-______ points [End points left blank due to calculations of distance modifier and size army difference]

Levels to Cities will earn flat rates due to no distance modifier applied, although I have not listed the points earned for city, that is a seperate subject for a different time.

1000 Veterancy points = 1 Influence gain to Gairo

Veterancy points are gained by EACH Gairo on the team, so if you have 3 Gairos on a team who take a level 9 land, they each earn around 30000 VP's, which in turn totals to about +90 Influence gain per hit. this is balanced to where it is significantly hard to farm "Influence" This way, yet worth while when you are currently traveling to another objective and have Stamina/resources to kill.

Another important note is that Veterancy Points can also be LOST. Yes, I said it. You can lose Veterancy Points by losing PvP and PvE battles, if you so happen to lose that is. Loss of Veterancy Points will equal up to 75% of the amount you would have gained based on your losses sustained. This deduction only occurs when 'Defeat' Is clearly displayed at end of battle. At no other time will this be applied.
Author: God    Time: 2017-1-30 01:04
City/Sub-City progression

This is important. There should be an Influence gain the farther your city progresses, to a total amount of influence possible to gain when City/Sub is maxed. Special Buildings such as bank/lab, etc.. can be worth identical Influence as they are special buildings unique to the level of land they were built on.

Amount of land

Although this is already implemented, it is very vital to the game as everything has to do with the land. The limit to how much land will have to go, which brings me to yet another proposal. Fame gain. Instead of earning fame passively (5 minutes= 1 fame)(ticks online and offline) It could instead be earned by hitting land (exploring/capturing new territory). This can be similar to veterancy points except this will be on a flat rate based on difficulty of land, for example when you take a level 1 land you receieve 3 fame. you would still need 100 fame to acquire a new territory. Each land that increases in level means more fame earned through conquering, ultimitely leading to level 9's giving 25 fame per successful hit. Although you could still gain fame passively, it would soon come to the points in end game where people rely on hitting higher level lands to increase their land capacity. There is also no limit to fame in this situation. Quests are still capable of earning fame.


These are all my suggestions as how the new ranking system could be determined. A compilation of all these pointers would result in, my opinion, a balanced and ideal ranking system that accurately displays the power of a player through their "influence" on the leaderboard. For any questions regarding my ideas or if you need any clarifications please mail me in-game (Server 4) or PM me here on forums.
Author: Collodi    Time: 2017-1-30 13:39
A lot of great ideas here, and definitely could add to the game. However, the more I play and the more I understand, I'm seeing how impossible it would be to have a tie, which was at the basis for this. It assumes everyone can just fill all their land slots with lvl 9 land, which are quite rare and hard to find.

There are other problems however, since to win influence the best things to do is take districts of high level cities which don't provide resources. It will be interesting to see the fight for those as it gets close to the end when people have the resources they need, and are trying to stack influence.
Author: God    Time: 2017-1-30 22:13
I see what you mean, but the fact that someone can still rise to top 3 purely by taking mass amounts of lower lands (ex. lvl 5 lands) is completely absurd. Although leaderboards shows the player may be strong, it is mostly inflated Influence through the usage of higher fame cap than the other and land grabbing. leaderboards do not show the true strength of a player, it is purely just for show.
Author: LordRage    Time: 2017-1-31 09:39
I would still prefer a system not tied to controlled tiles, for the other reasons I outlined, not simply for the risk of a tie.
Author: God    Time: 2017-2-2 11:49
Yes, the ranking system as of now lacks the ability to showcase how strong a player actually is. I think this is the point that I had meant to get across, sorry for confusion.

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