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Title: 2 always active heals not working? [Print this page]

Author: dbukalski    Time: 2017-1-24 12:54
Title: 2 always active heals not working?
cure is supposed to heal every turn

rescue heals every turn after turn 5+

yet i dont see cure activating every turn. and i dont see my unit healing 2x starting in turn 5+

what am i missing misunderstanding about the way skills work?

Author: dbukalski    Time: 2017-1-25 02:24
update. ive been able witness cure rescue activating on the same unit during same turn so they do stack
Author: Collodi    Time: 2017-1-25 11:37
Good observation, and great to know! But yeah, it does seem odd how cure says it happens every turn and it obviously does not sometimes.
Author: Jello    Time: 2017-1-30 16:40
It seems alot of the skills just happen randomly and not to what the tooltip describes at all. I've seen the heals/cures not go off every round like you said and have some gairo cast their spells 1 time vs others that cast atleast 4-5 times in the same match.
Author: God    Time: 2017-1-30 22:10
Sometimes the opposing team has skill debuffs that target your team and disable their use of skills, this happens every now and then. Also, the rate at which skills are casted is completely based off what it states on the card, you could say it goes off a RPS (rock paper scissors rule) to determine when the skill will activate or not. sometimes you are lucky, sometimes you aren't.
Author: dbukalski    Time: 2017-1-31 21:36
not sure what u mean. if cure says activates every turn i expected a heal every turn. best i can figure a different skill is activating and u can only activate one skill
Author: RobertTheBrute    Time: 2017-2-23 18:25
Edited by RobertTheBrute at 2017-2-23 18:26

I think what God is trying to say is that there are perks or skills that stop opposing waves from curing or recovering troops. I've even noticed some skills that cause hex status which may make  your specific card unable to use a cure type skill
Author: RobertTheBrute    Time: 2017-2-23 18:25
Also I have had success and stacking cure and Rescue in the same wave what you could do is scroll down the report and check it out. I haven't quite figured out why they are working in this particular wave but I will look into it
Author: Titan    Time: 2017-2-25 01:30
Cure stacks with most other heals because it does not send the Gario into 'recovery' status.
Notice many other heal skills will state the Gario is entering Recovery status to heal. A Gairo can not enter Recovery status twice in the same turn. So if two recovery status heals activate at the same time the Gairo will pick the most powerful heal spell... and the less powerful heal spell will not be used.
Author: Vadorequest    Time: 2017-2-27 14:30
For full transparency, the combat log should state that the Heal couldn't be casted because of another effect. It would avoid this kind of misunderstanding.

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