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Author: LordRage    Time: 2017-1-19 08:56
Title: Comprehensive starter guide - (English)
Edited by LordRage at 2017-1-19 11:02

Hello Everyone,

I originally had the guide as a PDF, but apparently you cannot embed a PDF to these forums, I have attempted to translate onto the forums,  This is the first part in a series I will be doing as I learn more about the game, thanks.


This Guide
This guide is attempting to compile as much info as possible regarding anything and everything in Immortal conquest, the iOS and android based game that you canplay on your smartphone.  The goal is to describe the mechanics of the game so that individual gamers and collective alliances can make good choice in regards to long term strategy.  As many gamers already know there are significant impacts for choices that you make early in a game, I am hoping to share some of the information I have learned to continue to build a strong userbase to play the game.

Some quick notes;
this is not meant to replace any other sources of information and there are plenty of others out there at anyone’s disposal. The default in-game wiki goes a LONG way in explaining all of the absolute basics and I would certainly recommend at least browsing through that to find the simple answers, a link to that and other outside sources of information can be found at the very end of this guide. Information contained in this guide is derived from extensive testing and experimentation (to the extent that the game has been out, which has not been long, I will try to update the guide as new information is discovered and as our learning grows).

My Background

I have been an avid gamer since NES released, and have an affinity for MMO/strategy games, specifically I and a core group of real life friends have played a game that feels very similar to Immortal Conquest, called Kingdom Conquest (KC), and Kingdom Conquest II (KC2).  InKC/KC2  I successfully lead alliances who were the top performing alliances season after season, and while I just joined this game a week ago, I feel I have a strong understanding of the mechanics and early game strategies to make you successful.

If anyone has questions or would like to discuss the game, please send me an in-game email on server 4, my username is LordRage.  This guide is my own, and cannot be reproduced/reposted without my written permission.

·     Part I: Basics
o  Objective
o  Your City
o  Gairo
o  Attributes
o  Troops/Formation/Range
o  Influence
o  Fame
o  Gems
o  Skills
·     Part II: GettingStarted (Still to come)
o  The first week
o  Choosing Troops
o  Leveling strategies
Part I: The Absolute Basics

The Objective

Players just getting into Immortal Conquest (IC) might ask themselves what exactly the point is and what they’re overall goal is in the game. Well, it’s to capture all the cities and dominate the world, these cities are spread all over the map, the most important being the “Capital Cities” in each region, and then finally in the central part of the map the city of Delphi.  Immortal Conquest operates in seasons and the end of any given season is triggered (presumably) when all of the capital cities are controlled. So what you’re doing is spending a season synthesizing skills, leveling Gairo, building up your cities and working to grow and grow until you’re able to take on a Capital city.

At the end of a season the World will reset and all lands will be open, camps, fortresses, and cities will be back up and everyone in that World will re-choose the location of their Kingdom and start fresh. You’ll lose the level of your Gairo and your City will be nothing more than a single level 1 city again BUT you keep your Gairo from the previous season as well as any skills and skill levels you have applied on to them. So you can expect Season 2 (S2) to move faster than S1, S3 faster than S2 and soon as players have already gone through the process of establishing units and have a more thorough understanding of the mechanics.

Your City

As soon as you finish the initial tutorial, you will be brought to your Kingdom - which at this point will contain only a Level 1 City government - and taking the proper steps and setting the right priorities in your build order is a major factor in your success throughout the season. You’ll start off with a series of quests that continue the tutorial a bit and teach you how to build and show you a few basic buildings available. You’ll see that there are tiers of buildings you can build; as you advance your city government you can will unlock access to build structures on that particular tier. While expanding your City you’ll have times where you run into a conflict to either build structure on continue building troops, and have to decide which path you think will work out better. I hope to include information about early advancement strategies later on in this guide.

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Everything you do in Immortal Conquest revolves around increasing the strength of your Gairo, nothing is more important than the strength of the Troops of Gairo you control. You’ll collect Gairo as you go along by obtaining gold and drawing packs, or by using draws from the gem based packs. Gairo are broken down into five different camps
·      Titans

·      Egyptians

·      Olympians

·      Nordic

·      Celtic

Our current understanding is that every camp is perfectly capable of being used to form a dominating unit in Immortal Conquest, which one you choose is entirely up to you. On top of these Camp differences, there are also 3 differing unit types that create a RPS (Rock, Paper, Scissors) effect when it comes to battle.  Below is the general attributes based on troop type, from what I have discerned so far, there is no link between various camps and attributes

On top of these Camp differences, there are also 3 differing unit types that create a RPS (Rock, Paper, Scissors) effect when it comes to battle.

The in-game wiki doesn’t describe the amount of RPS effect caused, just know that depending on what units you’re running you may have trouble with some tiles based on the enemy troop composition.


·      Attack – Determines damage of Gairo normal attack, and various skills, currently I assume that all skills that do not directly say they are based off a different attribute (Spirit for instance) is based on attack.
·      Defense – Determines damage received from Gairo normal attacks, and presumably, but unverified, against spirit attacks as well, I hope to update with this as we learn more
·      Spirit – Determines damage of some skill attacks and effects, also possible that spirit mitigates spirit based skill attacks, again this is not confirmed but only a possibility.
·      Speed – Determines Gairo action in battle (highest speed first) also changes the speed at which your troop reaches various land nodes.  It is important to note that your Gairo with the lowest speed, is the speed at which your troop moves over the map, if you’re trying to get to a node quickly, you may need to swap out your slowest unit.
·      Siege – This stat determines how much damage you do to a building or structure, while you do not need to worry about this for claiming unoccupied land, siege is important in conquering other player’s castles, and lands, along with NPC cities, camps, and fortresses.

Range, Troops, and Formation

            To quickly define terms, a troop is a collection of Gairo, meaning a single unit in the rear, or two units in both rear and middle, or a full unit in rear, middle and front.

Range is a very simple concept; I will illustrate with a picture below to make everything very clear.  Range on Gairo seems to range between one and four, skills however can range from one through five.  Suppose you have a unit in the Rear position (marked “1”) with a Gairo range of four, and skill range of 5 and all other positions have a Gairo who is still participating in battle on both sides.  When it is your rear Gairo’s turn to attack, since the attack range is four we start counting at the next closest unit (2) then to (3), then (4) then (5).  This means the attack can target either the enemies fourth or fifth Gairo in this illustration, the game randomly selects if the target for the attack is either the Gairo in the position four or five.  Now the skill range on that Gairo is 5, meaning we do the same process again, simply going one range further down the line, and now rolls a chance to hit either positions four, five and six.  It is important to note that when any position can no longer fight in the battle, that units move up, if position four falls during battle positions five and six will move towards the red line.  It is also important to note that if whenever your rear (“Commander”) position falls in battle, the battle is over, and you lose.  Killing the front and middle units is not necessary.

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Bybvdefault, when you begin the game, you will have access to two of the three available slots, the rear and the middle, not until you open the Front Barracks in tier 4 of the Infrastructure tree will you have access to the front portion of the troop formation.  When determining the best troop there are a number of factors to consider, the most crucial is “Cost.” Cost represents a limit on what troops you can use, generally, the higher the cost of a unit, the more powerful that unit is.  Cost will expand as you upgrade your city government, below is a chart showing how cost will increase with infrastructure growth.

Afteryou have upgraded your City to level 8 and barracks to level 10, you are able to build a Chief God statue that has three levels bringing your total potential cost to 10.  This is important to keep in mind, that as you level up your city, you may find your units becoming weaker in comparison to units you are fighting at higher land levels.  You may need to start upgrading your higher cost units.

Finally we can talk about the Troop bonuses that can be available.  Various troops have different bonuses, to find out if a troop has a bonus, simply navigate to the Gairo menu, click on the desired Gairo, and then click on the "back of the card” by tapping the portrait, here I have done this with Prometheus.

Here we can see, various combinations that Prometheus can be used in, for example inthis image, we see “Titan Light” this is a formation I have assembled and willshow you now.  It consists of any three of the four listed member generals, I have chosen to include Theia, Helios, and Prometheus.  Below that, (not visible in picture) it tells us the “addition” or bonus will be Speed and Defense.

Once we have figured out which formation we would like to pursue and have the cards lined up, we can view active bonuses.  To check which bonuses are affecting any given troop simply tap your city > main city > tap the Troop you want to view, and look for this icon (purple) in the upper-left hand corner.

Thisis the next screen that you will see.

As you can see I am utilizing 3 bonuses with this combination. Because all of my units are titans, I get a realm bonus, this can also be affected by the buildings you construct in your city.  I am getting the “Titan Light” bonus that I referenced earlier, and as you can see it is providing me with a defense and speed bonus.  And finally because two of my three units are cavalry, the two cavalry units are buffed with attack and speed.  (3 units would buff all three units by 10%).

This is all very important to pay attention to, but also realize running full troops of one type of solider can be dangerous if you happen to run into an unfavorable RPS matchup on an enemy team.


Influenceis how you’re are ranked within the game, Influence is directly tied to land and other map tiles that you control. The following chart shows influence per land of each level.
Other areas that can give influence are Self-built fortresses which yields 25, Defender fortress yields 50, Defenders camp yields 150, subcity yields 300, and a wharf yields 175.

It is important to remember that if you drop lands, you will lose influence, often you need to drop lands to move around the map, if being ranked is important to you, understand the opportunity cost.

Author: LordRage    Time: 2017-1-19 09:49
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Fame allows us to control more map tiles, the simple formula for how many map tiles you can control is (Fame/100)=tiles.  Fame naturally increases over time and has a starting cap of 15,000 or 150 tiles,this can be increased by 600 by building a stargazing platform.  You start the game with roughly 2500 fame, or 25 tiles of control.   Fame is often given as a quest reward as well, so if you are looking to expand your territory but don’t feel like waiting, doing your quests should help to speed up the process.

Gems are a premium currency in Immortal Conquest, you have two ways of obtaining gems, the first, easiest, and mostobvious way is to spend money through in-app purchases on gems.  Gems can also be acquired through other methods, such as checking the forums for events, in-game events, quest completion, epic achievements, and so on. Please check back often to see if there are other methods, as I will try to keep this guide as up to date as possible.

Gems offer you the opportunity to perform a few additional actions in game, along with summoning the best potential Gairo.  Some of these activities include purchasing extra orders (60 gems for 3 orders) which you can do up to three times a day.  You can also use gems to refresh how often youcan collect taxes (20 gems) again, three times daily. Can also use gems for converting your unused Gairo into skill experience, that is explained in the next section.

Although gems do allow you access to some ofthe best Gairo units, you can still have fun and be effective in helping your alliance without spending a ton of money. Realistically if you are looking to be in the top 5% of your server, you will have to spend money, breaking down skills is expensive, and aftereveryone’s Gairo are leveled up, skills will be the main differentiator.
While in the early parts of the game skills may seem somewhat helpful, new players tend to focus on amplifying regular attacks and attributes, part of this is due to the immense cost of learning and leveling skills on your Gairo units.  As the game continues, you will find yourself depending more upon various skillst o conquer higher land.

Skills can be obtained from various Gairo bytapping Skills > “Dismantle Skill” and selecting the Gairo of your choice.  It is important to remember thatthe skill from dismantling is different than the base skill on a particularcard.  Only cards of rare (three star) or better quality can give you a dismantled skill with three star cards offering you 2 different options and four and five star cards giving you a singular, albeit usually more powerful skills.

To level up skills you need to convert Gairo you do not want or intend on using, values for converting cards are listed on the next page.  It is important to note, that all five star cards are by default locked out of being used for either.  Each card also costs 30 gold (or you can pay 5 gems per card for double the conversion rate)

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LordRage Ultimate PvP guide

Sorry It has been a while to construct part 2 of my novice guide, but until we actually did some pvp I didn't want to write anything.  All that being said, I hope to continue to expan the guide section by section.

Land Control
Land is a very important resource when engaging in pvp, just like for taking any other tile, you always need adjacent land in order to take the next land.

Forts are the instruments of war in this game.  Forts are created by spending 5 work orders, and take 4 hours and 30 minutes to build.  The initial build of a fort CANNOT be sped up, you must wait the entire duration to have an established fort.  During the building period the fort has the same siege as any other occupied land (100), so if an enemy establishes an adjacent tile, and is able to attack and cause 100 total siege damage to your constructing fort, you will lose the work orders and resources used to create it.

Author: LordRage    Time: 2017-1-19 09:52
RESERVED for edits
Author: LordRage    Time: 2017-1-19 09:52
RESERVED for edits
Author: LordRage    Time: 2017-1-19 14:28
Also guys if you have any tips that you want to post in the thread for beginners please do so, hopefully this thread becomes a resource for the community!
Author: Collodi    Time: 2017-1-19 16:55
Great thread, thank you!

A couple little things to note. This last update essentially gives you +20 bonus tiles, to work into your fame to tiles calculation.

Also, when converting gairo to skill xp, you get additional skill xp once you get them past level 8. Even getting one to level 9 is a big boost.
Author: WarpFiend    Time: 2017-1-19 17:04
Wow LordRage! What a comprehensive guide you are building here. I already took some learning away from what you shared (only been active in game for 3 days). I appreciate the time and energy you are putting into this resource.

Author: LordRage    Time: 2017-1-19 17:59
WarpFiend replied at 2017-1-19 17:04
Wow LordRage! What a comprehensive guide you are building here. I already took some learning away fr ...

Of course! I want the game to thrive so there is good competition, you can thank me by sharing this thread with other players so that they can also gain some knowledge on the game.

Author: TDITD    Time: 2017-2-6 09:13
LordRage replied at 2017-1-19 09:44
Cost Bybvdefault, when you begin the game, you will have access to two of the three available slots, ...

Great stuff LordRage,

I should have checked this out on my first day.

I have found when going through the Gairos cards attributes that to decrease spirit skills damage one would need to input into the spirit stats.  (could you confirm please)

I have put points into my Gairos spirit stat as when hovering over the icon on the Gairos cards attributes area, if you place the finger over the skull icon representing spirit it says : "Increase the effect of spirit skills and decrease the damage recieved from spirit skills attacks"

So this just affects the spirit skills attacks and not non-spirit skill attacks.  Correct ?

Thank you for the great read

Author: God    Time: 2017-2-6 14:47
TDITD replied at 2017-2-6 09:13
Great stuff LordRage,

I should have checked this out on my first day.

Correct TDITD, Spirit attribute only affects those skills that are affected by spirit.

Author: WeAreButMen    Time: 2017-2-10 04:17
Good job on this guide LordRage :)
Author: Titan    Time: 2017-2-14 04:05
Nice guide LordRage.

I actually have a question myself.
I seem to be getting gold (coins) each day in addition to the 3 daily taxation collections. Is there other revenues that cause my gold stockpile to do up besides these 3 collections each day?
(not including barbarian camps)

Author: Vicerious    Time: 2017-2-14 04:45
Titan replied at 2017-2-14 04:05
Nice guide LordRage.

I actually have a question myself.

Probably the most notable additional gold will be gained by the drills.

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