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Title: benefits of occupation [Print this page]

Author: YankelMyWankel    Time: 2017-1-17 14:54
Title: benefits of occupation
Could someone explain the benefits of occupying another player?? i notice that all his lands say occupied... am i receiving a cut of his income?? I am used to Tribal Wars where it would force them to restart and was looking forward to that when i started this but that doesn't seem how it goes...

- Sean

Author: WarpFiend    Time: 2017-1-19 22:06
I would like to hear a response to Yankel's question as well. I feel pretty perplexed about the occupation system, how it works, and what are the benefits/disadvantages.
Author: Collodi    Time: 2017-1-19 22:22
Edited by Collodi at 2017-1-19 22:23

From what I can tell:

You can expand off their land like it was your own and I think they can't attack you anymore.

You can't attack any of their land anymore.

Yeah, that's about all I figured out that it does. It's quite frustrating to be unable to attack and take the lands of someone you conquered. Overall does not seem like a huge affect on the game honestly. Seems like it's mostly wounded pride.

Author: gzip2    Time: 2017-1-19 23:19
After occupying someone, all lands aside his could be attacked so there is no need for you to expand your land range next to those.
Author: Rad    Time: 2017-1-24 17:07
Yeah, same question bothers me as well.
I occupied two other cities but I see no other benefit than using his land as my starting point to explore further territory.
This is poor reason to occupy someone..
Author: ShadowcatX    Time: 2017-1-26 10:17
Occupying to expand your reach is a great reason to attack someone. It is also nice that getting attacked doesn't completely just screw you over like it does in a lot of games.
Author: Rad    Time: 2017-1-27 13:54
But it would be nice to get some percentage of occupied city...
Also, is there a way to un-occupy the city you occupied earlier?
Any idea how that works?
Author: Collodi    Time: 2017-1-27 20:43
It does seem strangely restricting that once you occupy someone, you can't even take the lands of theirs you'd like to use. The best tactic seems to be to just leave their city alone, but focus on grabbing lands that are most valuable that lay inbetween.

Sub-cities however can be very useful, since you can take over and instantly have a developed city in some cases.
Author: Titan    Time: 2017-2-3 23:39
I agree. It would be ideal to have a little more incentive/reward for occupying other player cities.

I think adding a certain percentage of their hourly income as a tax reward? (e.g. 10%)
Author: Bigheadnick    Time: 2017-2-5 10:52
I agree we should get a % of the resource production in occupied lands. What that % should be is tough to say.
Author: WeAreButMen    Time: 2017-2-10 17:20
When they are occupied they lose their alliance income bonus is my understanding.  I haven't experienced it personally.  There is a ransom they have to pay in order to remove the occupation, and that money goes to the captor's alliance sort of like a donation I believe.

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