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Title: Progressing slowly in game? Check out these guides! [Print this page]

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Title: Progressing slowly in game? Check out these guides!
Progressing slowly in game? Check out these guides!

Four Focus
▼Forming Troops▼
There are Realm Bonus, Title Bonus and Type Bonus for some troop combination. You can click the button in the top left corner in Gairo Troop page to check the stat bonus.   
• Check the attacking range of a Gairo (showed in top right of the Gairo card) when arranging the Rear/Center/Front.
• A troop's move speed would be decided by the Gairo whose move speed is the lowest in the troop. And generally cavalry have higher speed than archers and infantry, so they are best for paving a way.

▼Attacking Lands▼
• Keep attacking new lands to assure of the resource output. “Explore” the lands you’ve already owned to increase the Exp and level of Gairo.
• Avoid attacking those high level lands not matching your Gairo troops’ power (these lands will signal “dangerous”), since the failure will cost you a lot of resources and take you a long time to conscript soldiers.
• You can use more than one troop to attack higher level lands. For example, arrange the second troop to reach the land within 5 mins when the result is Draw.

▼Building Infrastructure▼
• Build up the infrastructure following the task sequence of Quests to obtain more resource and develop faster.

▼Joining Alliance▼
You can conquer a lot of cities together with your alliance members, along with the following benefits:
• Obtain more resource output bonus according to your alliance level
• Attack lands adjacent to your alliance members’ lands and save time getting to places land by land
• Conquer other cities to gain fabulous rewards

After the initial stage of attacking lands, your whole progress in game will be accelerated. It is faster to move, conscript, and upgrade the level of the Gairo and the infrastructure.
More tips/strategies about the gameplay, please visit our forum page and Fan page

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