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Title: [Event For Immortal]Show gairo combination, upgrading step by step! [Print this page]

Author: Sepsnow    Time: 2017-1-12 01:39
Title: [Event For Immortal]Show gairo combination, upgrading step by step!
[Event]Show gairoes combination, upgrading step by step!

Using gairo's  skill can bring in extraordinary result.

Would you like to share your combination?

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    Players who show screenshots in right format will get it.

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  1. Below this thread, show your screenshots which conclude:

    1) Some gairo combination you are using.

    2) The reason you use them.

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    Game ID, Nick name and Server.

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Author: TotalNutter    Time: 2017-1-12 18:38
Edited by TotalNutter at 2017-1-16 18:08

Rear: Theia with Counterattack and Ale for additional skills.Center: Helios with Attack Up and Heal for additional skills
Front: Prometheus with Attack Up and Counterattack for additional skills

I use this combination because of Theia's primary skill Intimidation, Prometheus gets two attacks in the first round and two opportunities to recover some troops. With Prometheus' high starting attack and defense, it becomes a deadly initial strike. Helios is a good support troop for the initial attack and Theia's range gets her in the fight immediately. Usually take out the frist line of defenders in the the first or second round of the fight leaving a three on two advantage. With 9 skills working (5 of which are maxed out), this one force can march long distances and one hit cap level 5 lands allowing me to expand faster and easier using less fortresses.
Game ID: 349050003
Nickname: 1TotalNutter
Server: 3

Screenshot_20170116-145807.jpg (892.98 KB, Downloads: 4)


Author: Felgor    Time: 2017-1-13 17:20
Edited by Felgor at 2017-1-13 18:43

My main 2 Gairo's are the following.

Gairo 1 - Rear: Theia, Center: Mnemosyne, Front: Helios
This Gairo has an amazing Defense Speed combination. With the right skills on them, they take very little losses.

Gairo 2 - Rear: Oceanus, Center: Cronus, Front: Iapetus
Another Gairo that deals a ton of damage with the Attack combination.

Game ID: 357920003
Nickname: Felgor
Server: 3

Author: LordRage    Time: 2017-1-14 13:41
Gairo Combo 1: lots of healing, strong spirit attack!

Game ID: 507150004
Nickname: LordRage

IMG_2938.PNG (466.64 KB, Downloads: 1)


Author: Bui    Time: 2017-1-14 18:01

Good for drills and taking land with minimal loss.

Game ID: 491690004
Nickname: Bui
Server: 4

Author: Bobafettm    Time: 2017-1-17 14:36

Hey all! This is my main so far and keeps me in the top 5 on server 4 so far.

Hecate w/ Tactic Agreement (Support - healer card): I like her due to the cost and due to her speed! She's fast enough to keep the entire group from being slowed down during attack phase
Helios w/ Cure (Main Damage Unit): Fast attacker with cure to make sure he restores his loses after each turn
Prometheus w/ Cure (Defensive Front Line Unit): Strong defensive skills and base stats! Working his way up to opening that third skill slot for Return Fire (Counter attack)

This group receives two major bonuses: 1) Realm Bonus and 2) the Cavalry bonus of Attack/Speed 10%+.

They are cheap to fix and and an awesome starter army for a new server. Clearing level 5 lands without issue but I feel like I won't produce enough damage against a lvl 6 land. I think I'll swap out Hecate for Theia which gives me title bonus instead of the type bonus.

Game ID: 480390004
Nickname: Bobafettm
Server: 4

Author: Ooidal    Time: 2017-1-18 02:07
I like this team for two reasons: It's celtic and it has Merlin.
It's a good combination for: Siege and stalling because of the % damage mitigation.

It's on my server 2 account.

Screenshot_2017-01-18-01-51-17.jpg (746.07 KB, Downloads: 0)



Author: Supermanki32    Time: 2017-1-19 03:40
Edited by Supermanki32 at 2017-1-19 03:42

Gairo combo: Rear: Theia, Center: Helios, Front: Prometheus
-The reason why I use this is because of the bonus and the tank. Prometheus alone is able to take so much damage with his main skill. On top of that the combination gives you the +20 defense to everyone and it gives this combination high survivability and low losses. Very easy to obtain early game too.

Game id: 351410003
Nickname: Fondlewater
Server: 3

imageedit_1_7723477393.png (360.69 KB, Downloads: 0)


Author: WarpFiend    Time: 2017-1-19 17:39
Edited by WarpFiend at 2017-1-19 17:40

Hi all!

I have really been playing with and enjoying this gairo combination lately:
Rear: Gaia      Center: Tethys    Front: Oceanus

Oceanus can take a lot of hits and help keep the group alive, especially with cure. Tethys provides strong spirit attack, especially with her primary skill upgraded.
Gaia provides a lot of protection especially with her primary skill. Though I imagine I might replace her eventually with another Sea God to get the Title bonus for the group.

unnamed.jpg (173.33 KB, Downloads: 0)


Author: gzip2    Time: 2017-1-19 23:12
Edited by gzip2 at 2017-1-19 23:13

Here is mine: Hades in rear position, Rhea in center position and Thanatos in front position.

Hades could deal fierce damage to enemies in range 5 who want to perform active skills, using the skill Underworld Odor. Rhea's skill Mother of Olympus could bring some heal to injured team, finally, Thanatos is perfect for front position because he's high defense attribute, plus the skill Thunderbolt will recover a lot of injures when attacking.

Game ID: 2080001
Nick Name: sn.spiderMonkey
Game Server: 1

Author: Angiebaby1100    Time: 2017-1-21 14:28
Edited by Angiebaby1100 at 2017-1-21 14:31

Name: NailPolishLover
ID: 10210001
Server: 1
Im really bad at putting these groups together. A friend of mine helped me put this group together and they are my favorite. They have decent seige for a fighting group. Dont have anything negative to say about them :) and i dont know why it double attached my images trying to edit cant figure it out

rps20170121_132127.jpg (126.86 KB, Downloads: 0)


rps20170121_132156.jpg (125.76 KB, Downloads: 0)


rps20170121_132240.jpg (129.34 KB, Downloads: 0)


rps20170121_132041.jpg (141.34 KB, Downloads: 0)


rps20170121_132240.jpg (129.34 KB, Downloads: 0)


rps20170121_132156.jpg (125.76 KB, Downloads: 0)


rps20170121_132127.jpg (126.86 KB, Downloads: 0)


rps20170121_132041.jpg (141.34 KB, Downloads: 0)


Author: Jello    Time: 2017-1-21 22:27
Edited by Jello at 2017-1-21 22:36

Name: Jello
ID: 554640005
Server: 5
So with every team I have so far- working on my 4th but I use the best combinations with titan realm bonus- so any 3 of a particular group that gives extra stats! These are the beginner troops and probably best early game.

This is my Titan group- very strong in the start of the game and I just got Cronus so when I upgrade my Hall one more time I'll have room for him instead od Coeus.
This group is pretty nice.

Theia Helios and Mnemosyne are my main group atm. Highest level Gairo I have. They have Cav/Archer/Infantry
Theia and Helios do all the damage while Mnemosyne is soaking all the damage.

This is my second group I'm trying to get kinda strong but I will have to swap out or get rid of them eventually, Only prometheius is strong mainly and the 3 star is ehanced 3x but I feel like i'll get a better rotation going on sooner or later.

Author: ShadowcatX    Time: 2017-1-24 14:02
Edited by ShadowcatX at 2017-1-24 14:04

I use my team becauae it fits in 7 and is who I have levelled up. And I do love the speed. (I started less than a week ago, so using who I have available is also important to me.)
Name: ShadowcatX
Server: 5
Number: 846480005

Screenshot_2017-01-24-12-54-41.png (752.43 KB, Downloads: 0)


Author: Jimmer    Time: 2017-1-24 23:15
Game ID:527780004
Nickname: Jimmer
Server: 4

I like this team for the speed, had a 3 star in the back and switched them out once I got Sphinx (needs to catch up a bit). The Sphinx Skill causes damage & chaos and Helios and Iapetus both deal damage as well.

Author: Felgor    Time: 2017-1-27 23:19
Were the winners announced?
Author: Jimmer    Time: 2017-2-2 12:53
Felgor replied at 2017-1-27 23:19
Were the winners announced?

I haven't received anything from this event yet. Has anyone received the rewards?

Author: Supermanki32    Time: 2017-2-2 14:56
I didn't get anything either
Author: RobertTheBrute    Time: 2017-2-15 14:12
Edited by RobertTheBrute at 2017-2-18 17:07

Best starter combination for attacking tiles

This is in my opinion the best starter wave 4 grabbing tiles attacking. Only con is lower Siege, but one of the positive sides of this combination is high attack and healing, the best part is these are four star cards and you will get many of them to enhance each card and even make Elite I would first make oceanis Elite then add a healing Park like bandage which will affect the front two cards the reason for this is a double healing, you could even add a perk like cure to iapetus because he's Attack Base you cannot use Spirit based perks but cure Works regardless an attack based cards. Once you reach this point you have an overall good wave hi attack decent speed with three healing perks a great starter wave that I still use today in one of my sub cities

Capture+_2017-02-15-12-36-17.png (1.38 MB, Downloads: 0)


Capture+_2017-02-15-12-41-07.png (1.65 MB, Downloads: 0)


Capture+_2017-02-15-12-44-31.png (1.64 MB, Downloads: 0)


Capture+_2017-02-15-12-46-06.png (1.63 MB, Downloads: 0)


Capture+_2017-02-15-12-57-29.png (1.26 MB, Downloads: 0)


Author: RobertTheBrute    Time: 2017-2-15 14:16
Author: ShadowcatX    Time: 2017-2-16 09:22
I believe they did send out rewards for both contests. One was 50 crystals and one was 100 crystals. I received both.
Author: Sepsnow    Time: 2017-2-17 01:59
Jimmer replied at 2017-1-24 23:15
Game ID:527780004
Nickname: Jimmer
Server: 4

well, one of the event request is that you need to post a new thread in format but not reply others' thread.

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