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Title: Connection failed [Print this page]

Author: targetman    Time: 2016-12-30 00:21
Title: Connection failed
When I try to login the game says Connection Failed,  please check your internet connection.  I have a stable internet connection.
Author: Ooidal    Time: 2016-12-30 05:54
Are you on wifi or data?  Because I find that if I'm not 4/4 connectivity bars on wifi, this game says I'm not connected despite other games/the internet working.  Even at 3/4 connectivity bars.
Author: Myscreant    Time: 2017-1-24 07:34
I can be on wifi standing RIGHT next to my modem or my plan data with max bars and I still get the check your connection message.  I often needed to restart my tablet/phone in the past, but that is not working either.  There are chunks of time, say hours at a time, that I am not able to log in.  It is really starting to drive me away from the game.
Author: Rad    Time: 2017-1-24 14:34
Same happens to me. Sometime also while I'm in the game, playing.
However, usually after one or two (automatic) re-tries all is okay.

Try downloading latest version of the game!

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