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Title: How to Use Coins Effectively [Print this page]

Author: Esqueleto    Time: 2016-12-28 21:54
Title: How to Use Coins Effectively
1. Summon a Gairo

Gairo grouping is very critical in this game. Common players do not have tons of gems to exchange for countless Gairo like some nouveau riche, instead we only have coins. When you are upgrading your buildings, make sure you upgrade your Titan, Nordic, Celtic, and Egyptian temples as soon as you can, then you will naturally have more choices when it comes to drawing a Gairo.

2. Establish an Alliance

If you want to conquer the world with your buddies, you have to spend 5,000 coins to establish an alliance. It's really not much to sacrifice two draws in return for a whole bunch of buddies ready to join you in combat!

3. Upgrade the Infrastructure

When the architects are busy, you need to spend to add more buildings - 2,000 coins a team. This is definitely worth it in the early stages of the game, as the earlier you upgrade your buildings, the easier it is for you to occupy land later in the game.

4. Drill

In the Quests Guide, there is a section telling all players to take a look at the drill instances. In fact, this is where we learn how to attack and capture the cities. Every attack will cost you 100 coins here. I highly recommend that you complete the guide section of the drill in one day, and try as much as possible to defeat the drill armies because this refreshes every day and you don't want to miss the rewards you are entitled to.

5. Convert Skill Exp

When you convert the extra cards into skill exp, remember to choose coins. Coins are economical and practical. If you select gems by mistake, no one can help you. The best is to convert the common and uncommon cards, as rare cards can also be used to dismantle skills so you should reserve some. If you find it troublesome to convert card by card, you can go to settings at the "Summon" interface and set it such that common and uncommon cards are automatically converted every time these cards are drawn. It's really very convenient.

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