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Title: Ultimate Guide to Skills for Beginners [Print this page]

Author: Esqueleto    Time: 2016-12-27 22:10
Title: Ultimate Guide to Skills for Beginners
Skills Overview
In the game, skills are critical components that determine the battle capabilities of the Gairo and have a significant impact on the Gairo in actual battles.
The key to victory is to deploy and group different skills according to the various battle scenarios.

Skill Exp Conversion

Consume coins or gems to convert Gairo cards into skill exp.
Skill exp can be used to enhance skills (to level up skills), or to dismantle skills (to obtain new skills).
You will receive more skill exp from converting the Gairo card of a more advanced Gairo.

2.Conversion Method
Coins Conversion: Consume 30 coins to convert one Gairo card to skill exp.
Gems Conversion: Receive twice the basic skill exp if the card is converted using gems. Consume 5 gems to convert one Gairo card to skill exp.

3.Skill Exp Return
When you convert a Gairo card that has been enhanced, you will receive additional skill exp equivalent to 80% of what has been consumed during the enhancement.

Skills Enhancement

1. Function
Consume skill exp to enhance the skill that the Gairo has already learned and to level up the skill.
The higher the skill level the stronger the skill effect. The highest skill level is LV.10.

Unlock Skill Blocks

1. Function
Each Gairo has 3 skill blocks. Other than the first block, which is the Gairo's initial skill by default, the other two blocks can be used to learn other skills.
Besides the initial skill block, the other two blocks are locked by default, and you need to fulfill the corresponding requirements before you can unlock these blocks. You can only learn new skills after these blocks have been unlocked.

2.Unlock the Second Skill Block
The second skill block automatically unlocks once the Gairo has reached LV.5.

3.Unlock the Third Skill Block

The third skill block unlocks when the Gairo has advanced.
The requirements to advance the Gairo are as follows:
Gairo has reached LV.20
Initial skill is at LV.10
Consume 2 Gairo cards with the same rarity (common, uncommon, rare, epic, or legendary)

Skill Learning

Gairo with empty skill blocks can learn new skill.
Learning more powerful skills can significantly enhance the capabilities of the troops and the Gairo.

2.Class Restrictions
Every skill has its class restrictions, and only Gairo that fulfill the class requirement for that particular skill can learn the skill.

3.Quantity of Learning

The icon on the lower right corner of "Skills" indicates the quantity of available/total learning. The number of Gairo able to learn the skill cannot be greater than the quantity of total learning.

4.Learning Consumption
As long as there is sufficient learning quantity, the skill can be learned, and there is no need to consume anything.

Dismantle Skills

One way to get a new skill is to dismantle an existing skill.
Skill duplication is not allowed, and you cannot dismantle several times to get the same skill.
A skill that has been obtained through research cannot be learned directly; you need to continue to research this skill in order to learn it.

2.Dismantle Consumption

Use the Gairo card to dismantle the skill, and at the same time, you need to consume this Gairo card and a certain amount of skill exp.

Skill Research

To dismantle all skills, you need to consume the specific Gairo card to increase research level to 100% before you can learn the skill.

2.Research Requirements

For the skill that has been dismantled, you can usually increase the research level by 5% or 10% if you conduct the research using a specific realm and a Gairo card with the same rarity.
For certain powerful skills, you can consume "Designated Cards" (such as Hyperion's "Rise" skill, where you need to consume one Titan - Hyperion card) to directly increase the research level by 30%.

Skill Selection Guide
In the game, the goal of the battle is to reduce the number of soldiers at the enemy's rear to zero. To achieve this, the Gairo needs to attack or launch its skills on the enemy troops.
Here, we will start with the effects produced by these skills to analyze the different types of skills. We hope this will be a useful reference when you need to decide on the right skill that will fit your Gairo's formation.

1.Types of Skill Effects
Skill effects in the game tactics can be divided into:
DamageCause direct  damage to the enemy, including damage from attacks and damage from spirit  attacks
RestorationHelp your army  restore its soldiers
AttributeChange the  Gairo's attributes by imposing an additional state on the Gairo
Special StatesOther  additional states that do not change the attributes

The following is a classification table for you to learn more about these skills types:
Special StatesChaos (unable  to act)
Insanity (attack both enemy and own soldiers)
Cowardice (unable to attack)
Hesitation (unable to launch active skills)
Siege (unable to restore soldiers)
Protection (help allies resist attacks)
Sarcasm (force targets to attack themselves)
Upper hand (priority to act)
Dual attacks (launch two attacks every round)
Split forces (cause damage to the Gairo next to the target when  you attack)
Wisdom (will not be affected by chaos, insanity, cowardice,  hesitation or sarcasm)
Counterattack (launch an attack at your attacker whenever they  attack you)
Removed state (remove all beneficial effects on your army or the  harmful effects imposed on your enemy. Note that these two are different  skill effects)

2.Basic Criteria
Launch ProbabilityThe higher the  probability, the better it is. Command and passive skills can definitely be  launched.
Effective  ProbabilityCaution (this  is the pitfall!) Some skills may not be 100% effective even when launched,
so of course the higher the effective probability, the better it  is (when it is not stated, the effective probability is 100%)
Damage Value/Restoration ValueNeedless to  say, the bigger the value, the better it is
Target TypeChoose between  group attack and single attack. This hinges on the situation of the troops at  that point in time.
Effective RangeOther than  chase skills, this is independent from the Gairo's attack range. Generally,  for any skill with a larger effective range,
there is more room for varied deployment, hence there is nothing  absolutely good or bad about this.
Preparation  RoundsA skill that  comes with a preparation round usually produces more powerful effects, but  the preparation round may be occur in a chaos state,
hence the so-called benefits and risks of this

3.Damage Skills: Directly cause damage to the enemy
Damage skills are categorized based on damage caused by attacks and those caused by spirit attacks. But regardless of the category, the effects are more powerful when there are more soldiers. Damage skills are the most direct and violent skills; all they do is kill, kill and kill. Usually this is a skill that the Gairo responsible for leading the main attacking troops should learn. Some damage skills may not carry high damage values, but they may impose certain states on the enemy. If you are not able to assess the value for now, you may as well just give it a try.

4.Restoration Skills: Let your army restore a certain number of soldiers
Restoration skills are usually associated with spirit level, only a few are not related to spirit. However, the effects are more powerful when there are more soldiers.
Restoration skills can reduce the loss of soldiers during battles, and so are a type of defensive battle skill. They are something that a Gairo with a high spirit and one that is usually located at the rear or center can learn. There are a few skills where you can restore your soldiers on your own, and those can be learned by the Gairo leading the front troops in order to better withstand the enemy's attacks.

5.Attribute Skills: Change the Gairo's attributes, or increase or reduce damage. Skills that indirectly produce effects and are usually used to enhance your own advantageous attributes; improve the attributes that your troop is lacking; reduce the enemy's advantageous attributes; or accentuate your enemy's disadvantages.

So you should choose a suitable skill based on your purpose and your troop configuration. If it is stated that the skill is "affected by spirit", that means that particular skill is more suitable for spirit-type Gairo, otherwise, the skill is suitable for any Gairo.
The general guideline is that the relatively better skills are those with higher effect values, affect more targets, and last for many rounds.

6. So which skill should I choose...?
Much has been mentioned above, so as a novice player, how should you decide on the skill for your own Gairo? We can only provide some basic information here to help you make your decision quickly.
Because of the unique personality of each Gairo in this game and the difference in the way they manage their opponents, it is very difficult to provide a comprehensive set of selection criteria that will be suitable for everybody. So as to which skill is more suitable for your Gairo, we invite all of you to experience for yourselves in the game.

1.How do I determine the troop characteristic?
The so-called characteristic refers to the strength of this troop in battle, and that is usually determined by the Gairo. Here are some examples:
High attack GairoHigh damage,  focus on killing efficiency
High defense  GairoHigh defense,  can withstand damage from most attacks,
and create opportunities for other Gairo to cause damage
Restoration GairoReduce battle  losses, good for multiple and continuous fighting
Supporting GairoEnhance the  performance of the Gairo mentioned above by providing supportive states or by  changing the attributes

When you form your troops, the type of Gairo you choose will determine the troop characteristic, and this will then affect the type of battle format that this troop is more suitable for. Whether it is a quick and violent attack, or a classic defensive +DPS mode, or a controlled and prolonged battle that typically ends in a draw, the game provides all kinds of scenarios for your troops to display their strengths.

2.Make sure the skill and the Gairo complement each other
Here are a few guidelines:
① Attack and spirit attributes must complement the skill and the Gairo
② The effective range of the skill must correspond to the position of the Gairo
③ When you are matching an attribute type of skill, make sure that it is consistent with the deciding factor of the damage (restoration) skill

3.Do what you can but only the battle can tell
Due to the different research difficulty for various skills, some skills have higher research requirements. Once you have completed the setup for your troops, it's a waste to let them stay idle, so if you cannot make up your mind on which is the most ideal skill, why not find one that produces a similar effect, try it out in actual battle and see how it goes. You will have realized by now that you can view the actual data on how your troops perform through replay -> summary -> statistics, and this will help all of you to verify if your skill configuration idea really works.

Author: ShadowcatX    Time: 2017-1-24 13:50
I have a couple questions about unlocking the third slot. First, are those "do one" or "do all"? And second, what do you mean, consume?
Author: Vadorequest    Time: 2017-3-2 17:03

When there are numbers there, like for instace 20% for archers. Does that mean the skill is less effective against archers? Or less effective is an Gairo of type Archer learns the skill?
Author: Vadorequest    Time: 2017-3-4 06:43
ShadowcatX replied at 2017-1-24 13:50
I have a couple questions about unlocking the third slot. First, are those "do one" or "do all"? And ...

Do all.

Consumme, basically you'll need to consume 2 cards, which mean you'll loose them in the process. They'll vanish.

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