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Title: Game suggestion [Print this page]

Author: LittleMsRed    Time: 2017-10-3 06:15
Title: Game suggestion
I'd like to see a feature that shows you if you have matching cards for the special gairo troop bonuses. Even as simple as having them highlighted on the flip side of the card so you can see at first glance if you have a full set

Being able to recheck skills as you are using the swap troops would also be very useful
Author: Morpheus    Time: 2017-10-3 16:05
that is actually an amazing idea. With a check or a color.
Author: LittleMsRed    Time: 2017-10-4 04:17
I think it is really needed. I know myself that I struggle with some of the names because some are really similar. I can't tell you how many times I have had to go back and forth just to see if I actually have the correct set cards or accidentally almost used them for fodder
Author: MzPilgrim    Time: 2017-10-4 05:19
I agree, in fact to take it a bit further I'd like to see a small icon that shows how many if any groups the giaro can be in coloured if in a group or not.

Also if the group names were listed (for the back Gairo)  on the troop set up screen, then if selected the  available cards could be only those for that group, also if a group was selected the stat advantages would be helpful too in deciding whether or not to go for it
Author: 5arah    Time: 2017-10-10 14:36
How about an offset timer for movements (attacks, guard, etc...). It'll allow for a more precise synchronized time of impact without having to wait for countdown on each team troop.
Author: LittleMsRed    Time: 2017-10-13 04:57
Interesting ideas. I wonder if the developers are taking notes?

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