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Title: What to do after delphi (beginners guide) [Print this page]

Author: Lukhu    Time: 2017-9-25 10:35
Title: What to do after delphi (beginners guide)
Edited by Lukhu at 2017-11-23 02:45

What to do after taking Delphi & all state capitals


So you have taken delphi and all the capitals now what ?

There are numerous things that need to be done after taking all of the Capital Cities
you need to start preparing for the next season and this is how
follow this guide on everything you need to do to make your next season easier

1).   Rare Gario collection

You need to be collecting as many rares garios as you can and enchance every rare gario you have.
fully enhancing a rare gario to 3 red stars gives +58 skill exp for when converting,  
this will be crucial on getting alot of skill exp early on in the next season to upgrade skills and  make things easier for yourself.
the more you collect the more skill exp you get so try get as many as possible

( you can also start dismantling some rare garios because they also have really useful skills )

2). GEMS

you need to start saving your gems in preperation for next season because
there are special gario packs at the start of each season
so collecting as many gems as you can will give you more chance of getting the new garios

                                     Here are the ways to get gems to save   

you can get 300 gems a week just from logging in to the game everyday
you can also get 80 gems from completing the Exteme Drill II everyday  
thats 560 gems a week from drill  +300 from daily logins  860 gems a week  

you can also buy a gem pack from the store which gives you 150 gems a day for 30 days                  
which is amazing for starting the  season  it totals to 4500 gems     

3). Theia


Theia is one of the best garios for early game
so the best thing to do is get as many theia as you can and fully enhance her
around 3/4 fully enhanced would be perfect to keep swapping her when stamina is low

one of the main reasons theia is so good early game is her main skill  she gets to hit the enemy first for 2 turns
and also makes them enter shanking status making the enemy lose troops which is crucial at the start of the season
especially when hitting high level land for XP,  the more damage on the enemy the more xp you get and shes low cost

how do i use theia ?

start by finding a level 4/5 land, put theia with the gario group you want to level up, attack the level 5 land and keep doing that ( do not conscript )
until you level up to 5 then put mortal combo on thiea ( or repeated attack) keep hitting until you reach around level 10
(if theia runs out of stamina then switch her for another theia you have saved )

Recommended skills

( Mortal Combo ) (Thanatos / Ymir dismantle ) ( legendary)        (Repeated attack ) (Var / Fergus dismantle) (rare gario)     
(phalanx) (Aeneas / Apis dismantle) (Epic Garios)

the skills above are hightly recommended on theia   

Mortal Combo allows 2 attacks per turn  + a damage increase on theia

Repeated attack is a substitute incase you do not have mortal combo

Phlanx  gives a chance to split teams into 2  so more damage  = more xp

4). Gold
always collect your gold  even tho the season is coming to an end its still very useful

Everyday you get an option to buy gario packs for gold which you can get Rares Epics or if youre lucky enough  Legendaries

these packs are great for collecting rare / epic garios for enhancing garios which was mentioned further up in the guide

5). Army Preparation


Since the season is coming to an end its a good time to start trying new armies
and skill combinations in preparation for the next season,
doing this will help you during the next season so you're not wasting time finding out if a skill combination or army works half way through the season

Prepare a king Speed team (if you do not have ) ( not 100% needed but highly recommended )


the kings speed  team is the fastest team on the game.

this team is very useful when trying to get places fast,  if its getting a tile from far away as fast as possible to build a fort
or trying to tile to a city  Kings is the best/fastest team for that  kings can reach to around 300 speed.

6) pick a spawn

Lastly, pick a spawn together with your alliance members
more than likely you will be merged with other servers who will be doing the same,
so you dont want to go to random countries  try stick together.

Starter team


here are pictures of my personal starter team during season 3 ( can be used any other season)

archer teams are really good early game due to their low unit cost and how strong they can be with line formation

i use mortal combo on sphinx (keep at level 1 dont waste skill exp early on) use stat point on his attack and try max his main skill as much as possible ( replace with Sphinx SP if you have)
line formation on britomartis to give more damage output to the team use stat point on her spirit because the skill is affected by spirit
you can use threaten or deserted city on aphrodite  whichever you prefer   try to max threaten if you use  each level gives you a higher activation chance

later game you can switch around garios when you have a higher cost limit

later game team ideas

heracles(s2) /RA anubis
heracles brito aphrodite
Ra sphinx anubis
RA amon anubis

skills ideas
(skills are dependent on the army you are using and in which position )

heracles (s2 gario) (rear)  flying arrows / mortal combo/ shock / spirit punishment /disaster
sphinx (rear/mid)  mortal combo / blockade / shyness / flying arrows
anubis (tank) premonition / surprise attack / return the fire / gust
amon (mid) line formaton / hex / reinforcements / immediate confusion
brito (mid/rear) line formaton / hex / reinforcements / immediate confusion
aphrodite (front/mid) deserted city/threaten / immediate confusion
RA (mid) line formation / cleansing fire /hex  (can be used rear)

                                             I HOPE THIS GUIDE HELPS YOU PREPARE FOR YOUR NEXT SEASON  
                                                                                     Good Luck

                                                FEEDBACK IS APPRECIATED SO I CAN IMPROVE

                         Any questions be sure to ask below and i will answer ASAP

  ( apologies for bad punctuation )                      

Author: Morpheus    Time: 2017-9-25 10:48
Nice guide, I myself am starting season 2 soon. I knew most but this will be helpful for some of my alliance members! Adding the required gems (6k) for the conquerers pack also helps.

Author: colonel701    Time: 2017-12-19 05:43
Hi, may I ask if SP Sphinx or Sphinx is better? And why?
Author: JawerplRig    Time: 2019-8-20 20:21
Title: What to do after delphi beginners guide
Most of the peoples that want to do mods for X4 are dissuaded to start because of the data digging that must done before all where the files are, what params must be changed, etc.
So many thanks for that usefull guide
Author: DanfesqBindy    Time: 2019-8-21 16:25
Title: What to do after delphi beginners guide
Any reason you dont use Menzerna SG?  People seem to really like the deep reflectivity and glass of Menzerna SG which is what Im looking for.  How do you feel Zaino compares in this regard?
Author: VFDDanfoss    Time: 2019-9-22 04:17
Title: What to do after delphi beginners guide
Id also like to know when I can get my beep like back to normal again. Im terrified at the moment, I was told 6 weeks from the op, what sort of advice has anyone else got?

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