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Title: Account Sync Issue [Print this page]

Author: Skimasteur    Time: 2017-9-23 07:57
Title: Account Sync Issue
Hi, I can't seem to acces my account from either Facebook or Google Play after logging in.   I am not seeing the data that I have been playing on for the last 3 weeks.   It only shows me the servers to start all over again.   I don't want to have to start over again.   How do I access the data that I had bound to my Facebook account or Google Play account?
Author: Morpheus    Time: 2017-9-23 11:41
have you bound the account?
Author: Skimasteur    Time: 2017-9-23 16:34
Yes I have

Author: Morpheus    Time: 2017-9-23 17:32
ok then maybe it is still possible to get it back. You should contact customer support. Here it probably will take  quite some time to help you. Maybe try contacting them via facebook :)
Author: kapako    Time: 2017-9-27 12:11
I have the same situation. All of my cities, fortresses, cards are gone.
This is bad!

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