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Title: Destroy Gairo [Print this page]

Author: reknahs    Time: 2017-9-18 06:02
Title: Destroy Gairo
Edited by reknahs at 2017-9-18 06:04

Brand new to the game, I have 88/100 Gairo, but 65 or so of those, are level 1, 2 star or less Gairo. How do I get rid of those cards?
I see no way to destroy them. I can't dismantle any of them, I've Enhanced all of the same type as I can, they're still pretty weak even when fully enhanced.

For example, I have 9 Duamutef, how do I get rid of at least 8 of them, keeping only the fully enhanced one on the off chance some day I want it?

Author: Morpheus    Time: 2017-9-18 08:24
You go to the skills tab and then click in the under left side on convert gairo to experience. You do not need lvl 1 and 2s
Author: reknahs    Time: 2017-9-18 09:23
Thank you! I didn't know that was there!
Author: Morpheus    Time: 2017-9-18 09:30
No problem! happy to help!
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