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Title: Merger compensation suggestion [Print this page]

Author: LittleMsRed    Time: 2017-9-16 00:16
Title: Merger compensation suggestion
I believe it would only be fair for each server following the oldest should get a free epic & legendary only draw for each 5 days younger from the first server. This will compensate for the guaranteed 1 in 5 free epic or higher draw if people had the opportunity to claim it once per day through that time period before their server opened, evening the ratio of epics & legendary pulls for younger servers. Considering they should really have had the opportunity to claim up to 2 free draws per day..
Author: Morpheus    Time: 2017-9-17 13:43
I do not believe this to be a good idea. Not everyone is active daily and by taking a later server you just get a load of guaranteed epics/legends. A better idea would be to have a certain amount of gems as a compensation.

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