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Title: Gairo Focus: Heracles [Print this page]

Author: Eric    Time: 2017-9-13 00:35
Title: Gairo Focus: Heracles
Gairo Focus: Heracles - the Highest Normal Attack Gairo in Immortal Conquest

Initial Skill:
Puncture:Launches two attacks at the enemy ignoring the soldiers type (damage rate 60%) and decreases the attack damage launched by the first attacked enemy army in the next round by a large margin. The target of each attack is selected independently.
Dismantle Skill:
Flying Arrows:1 turn Prepares and launches an attack at the whole enemy army (damage rate 75%), and sharply decreases the damage caused by a random single enemy in the next round.
Note: This skill is an essential skill in S2.

Recommended Position: Rear
1. Basic Attributes: Heracles’s attack growth is 3.01, which is the highest growth rate in the whole game. His spirit growth is 0.37, which means he can not bear much spirit damage, so he is not suitable to be a Tank.
2. Attack Range: His attack range is 4, which can be put in any position theoretically, but we suggest to put in Rear to release huge damage output.
3. Initial Skill: The range of his initial skill is 5, and release attacks on two enemies by ignoring the soldiers type. Meanwhile, it will decreases the attack damage launched by the first attacked enemy army in the next round by a large margin. Moreover, it can also do great damage on Infantry troops.

Train Guidance:
A Rear Gairo, can do extremely high normal attack on multiple enemies.

Recommended Skills:
5-star Skills: It is generally recommended to collocate active skills for him, which could release huge damage in a short time.
4-star Skills: Defeating,  Stored Power.( His initial skill is not chase skill, so we do not recommend chase skills like Trail to him)

Gairo Combination:
1. Heracles is no doubt the core Gairo in a team, but it does not have any ability to recover or reduce damage. Therefore, we think Aphrodite would be a nice Front for him, whose skill can recover soldiers, which make the team keep enough soldiers to continue the battle.
2. Center Gairo who can do control or decrease damage received would be a good option, such as Frigga, Ra, Britomartis etc.
3. If possible, you can put Gairo with same class type or realm to provide you more bonuses.

Add Stats: Attack
Add stats on Attack to maximize the damage output

Class Conversion:
Longbowmen: it can make himself to launch attack first and release damage first.

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